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Conversations with God- Be Connected

Book 3 Message 5

Be Connected


How are you doing?


I can’t sleep and so I thought I would get up and speak to you and record what you have to say. I have not been going to church too often and so this is a weird subject for me at this moment.


Every day you connect with your friends on Facebook. Every day you chat on Skype and you chat through Facebook chat with people. Whenever you feel guilty that feeling does not come from my Holy Spirit. You fellowship very well with people overseas. You are not a lone ranger. You do not act in life and make decisions without consulting your friends and consulting my Spirit.

You have a very deep relationship with my Son and the Holy Spirit. Every day they are with you and advising you and leading you. Nearly everything that you do is inspired by the Holy Spirit. My Spirit has so much sway on your life. You are a model Christian and I am so proud of you.


That warms my heart to hear that you think I am a model Christian. I try to be. I try to be led by the Holy Spirit in all that I do. It is so much fun to be led by you and your Spirit. Every book that I produce I know that you have commissioned it. I enjoy doing what you put on my heart to do.

It makes me happy that I make you proud. I know when I prophesy and tell people that Jesus is proud of them, that they are touched and they write to me and comment that those words touched them. It is truly a great thing to know that you are proud of me.
I am just simple person. Many people look up to me and think that I am someone amazing and that I have this great relationship with you. I simply have tried my best do draw close to Jesus through my life. In a way I didn’t really have a choice. For most of my life I have had few friends, if any and I have really needed to be close to Jesus.

Through all the ups and downs and all the stress, that Jesus has been my rock. He has been by security and my friend. It is through him that I come to meet you. One day, as clear as light comes in a sunrise, he took me to meet you. I never forget meeting you. You treated me like your favourite son and welcomed me with open arms.


I loved that day that you come to meet me. I had been looking forward to that for all of your life. I had been watching you all of your life. I had watched you accept my son. I had seen you struggle with addictions. I had seen you grow close to my son and begin to become very obedient to his directions and requests. I watched you grow to trust him with all of your life.

The one day when the time was right, Jesus introduced me to you. You had grown up with an angry father and so you had a distorted view of who I was. On that day we spoke. Right away you prayed for your older brother and I showed you that I would take care of him. Right now your brother is suffering and yet I know you hold onto my reaction to your first prayer for him. I will do great things for your brother at the right time when he has been humbled like I want to humble him.

Jesus said that the only way to me was through him in John 14:6. You found out on that day that it was true. Surely Jesus was the door to my heart and meeting me.

It is so good to speak to you my son. I enjoy you. I watch everything that you do on earth. I see each conversation. I see very interaction that you have with people. I feel every time that you are hurt. I see your very frustration and I feel them. I feel your heart and I feel your emotions.

Not only do you feel my heart and fell my emotions, but I feel yours. You are important to me. I am going to use you in the future to speak for me and Jesus. I am going to use you as my spokesman. I am going to put my words in your mouth and you are going to speak them with boldness.

I am going to bring more friends into your life. I am going to bring you company one day. I am going to lead you. You are not always going to be alone. I have to be careful with who I bring into your life as we want you to come to us first when it comes to your life and your decisions. You and I know that if you had many friends through the past twenty years that you would not be as close to us.

We have had you hidden and set apart for us and our purposes. We don’t want lukewarm friends in your life and so it is quite hard to find you friends that will be as passionate as you. Do you understand that?


Yes, I understand that. I understand that you have had me set apart and I know that I would not be as close to you if I had many friends. The fact that I am alone makes me press into you. The fact that I don’t have people in my life, helps me to stay really connected to you guys.

I can see the benefit of travelling the life that I have travelled. I can see your wisdom through all of it. I praise you and lift your names up as I know that it is your wisdom that has made me into the person that I am.

My relationship with Jesus isn’t a new one. It is not something that has just been a few months old. It is one that has been strong for years and years and I have all that testimony to fall back on and share about. You guys are good to me.

Thanks for the conversation today.


It was fun. It is always good to talk to you. Take care. I hope you can go to bed soon. You are a joy to me. Remember that I am proud of you.