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My Visits to the Galactic Council of Heaven

What would it be like if you had the chance as a prophet to speak to a prophet who has passed onto glory who has now come to earth to take you back to heaven? Bob Jones takes me to visit the Galactic Council in heaven


How are you today?


I have been up for about 25 hours now and I am feeling really good. I watched a good movie tonight and have had a good time since I have been home. I am in a really good mood. Heaven told me that I would have an encounter again tonight. I am pleased you are here and I am ready to start these encounters again after having a break.


It’s good to see you. Some things have changed since we last spoke. You were hurt when you had a false vision. You were really damaged and your heart needed healing. You’ll remember when we cried about your future and the trials that were going to come upon you. We saw this hurt you just went through. Satan tried his best to shut this down. But you answer to the Holly Spirit and the enemy can’t shut down what God wants to happen, no matter what he does to you.

You are an overcomer Matthew. You can’t really be called an overcomer if you have not had to get through a struggle of some time. I am here to take you to meet the galactic council. Are you ready to ascend?


Let’s go

I am in heaven and Jesus meets me and welcomes into the arena that makes up the place where we have encounters. Jesus has got a great smile on his face and grabs me and gives me a big hug. It is so good. It’s one of those hugs that you never want to end. As I type I just hold him in my arms.


I am so happy with you my champion. I was telling you today that it does not matter how many books of yours sell each month. I was saying it’s the quality of the message that counts. Do you know that if you look up and around the stadium everyone has got a copy of your latest book Conversations with God book 2 in their hands?

Can you see they are holding up another book now in their other hand it is the copy of your first book on the visits to the galactic council? You will publish that one also. This message, this encounter is your second book. So you will have to publish the first book.

Do you know Neil’s will be happy as will Anna and June be happy that you have begun to write again. I only have the best for you. I love you so much. You have many trials that you are going to have. You just have to relax and face each one as they come to you.


Do you know what I like about you?


I kind of think by memory we have already had this conversation.


Well I could have this conversation about you every day for a hundred visits as there are so many things I love about you.

Today, I want to tell you that I love you being real with people. You don’t hide. You don’t shrink back. You tell the truth and you share the truth with anybody. I love that about you. You are an open book to everyone that knows of you.

I love that about you. I have so much to tell you as the days pass and we get time to speak each time you come here.

Here is some chocolate cake. It is mud cake. Have a slice.


I take a slice and it is delicious.


Rahab appears and says:

Hello Matthew. Yes, for those people reading and wondering who I am. I was the prostitute that was saved by Joshua in Jericho. I run three restaurants in heaven and I am a chef. I made this cake.

There are ten thousand people in this arena. As you can see they all have a slice of cake.

I made this for a celebration of you coming back here. It was really hard for you to have a false vision and then get over that. Heaven knew that you were coming back today. You can see we are celebrating with our cake and we have some wine to drink.

If you look to the monitors on the wall you can see people all over heaven with a slice of cake and a glass of wine.

Welcome back Matthew. You are dearly loved. I love you so much. I have been watching you ever since you did my interview with you. I was interviewed by you in the Great Cloud of witnesses speak book. I have been with you as you have walked around earth. Many of us saints walk with you around earth. We love you so much. You are a darling to heaven.

You don’t have to worry about what we say to you and who meets you. People who have faith and who are open will trust what you say. People who have fear will be skeptics. You are not here to prove that this exists. You are here to learn from us and to teach us.

I am so happy to meet you today.


Has everyone got a slice of cake?


Every person has no only got a slice of cake. But each of them have a whole cake in their mansions and houses. As they eat it this week, they are each going to pray for you and decree over you.

You would be so amazed if you knew what we know about you.

Anyone can stand out to heaven. Some people might read this and wonder how the whole of heaven would know you. God is a God of mystery. His ways are far above us. You have a big future. But regardless of what you do on earth, you have become a close friend of Jesus and a close friend of God’s.


Sometimes I wonder what I did?


Once you stripped off naked and did ten dive bombs in a stranger’s pool. You thought Jesus told you that he would house all the homeless in Sydney of you did it. Heaven saw that.

You once were called to shout out to a few hundred people who were watching the year 2000 Olympics, that praising men isn’t who they should be praising. You told them that all the athletes were created by God and so all the glory should go to God.

You were once told to go to your red light district to meet a person. When you found the street walking prostitute who was selling herself the first time to pay a bill she needed to pay, you gave her $100.00 and walked her to the bus station so she didn’t need to sell herself.

You approached thousands of people in the streets of Sydney and gave them a prophetic word when you were directed to be the Holy Spirit. You gave 10,000 people prophetic words for free via email over a few years.

I could go on for page after page.

You gave you first book to 10,000 people over the first two years for free, when giving away a book for free on Kindle was a big thing.

You have spent 30% of your income on God for five years, spending $15,000 last year just on publishing books.

You have about $10,000 over the last 15 years to the poor homeless in Sydney. In fact, every time you have cash on you, you give some of it to a beggar.

Yes, these things and many more things made you get the attention of heaven. Now we all watch you and know you.


I know if you ever became a very famous prophet, you would still live frugally and spend all of your ministry money on planting seeds. If a million dollars came in each week, the same amount would go out each week. You have been tested with money and you are a very good steward.

You are so special to me Matthew. It was a bit of shock to you that Rahab brought up those things. I promise you every single person my Holy Spirit led you to prophesy over, will be saved by the same Holy Spirit. Every single person that you touch with a book, or with a prophetic word, will be blessed by us.

The problem with you is that you see yourself through human standards. You judge your works by man’s standards. With the 20,000 words that you have given to Christians and non- Christians, there will be much fruit. The thousand people that have read your first book on the prophetic, much of what they go and do will be credited to you.

You have the Midas touch. Everything that you do and touch has our favor. You have ravished my heart. You have pursued me with much abandon and you have not only pursued me, but you have done everything my Holy Spirit has asked you to do.

When we led you to post about Trump you did so no matter what sort of backlash that you might get. You used your influence and your reach to promote him. There is nothing too hard for you. You have the biggest heart; you have heart of a King.


I am humbled Jesus. I don’t do that much. I simply do all that I can do. I do my best and I try and be led by your Holy Spirit. I can’t deny it, I see everyone with cake in this arena and I saw many people in heaven on the monitors holding up a piece of cake.


Bob was right. You are going to bring the new wine. That wine was not communion wine that we were drinking. It was the wine of the wedding at Cana. The New wine is nothing new but it will be new to this world of carnal Christians that you live in.

You are going to teach. You are going to teach the body how to prepare their churches to house revival. You are going to teach every Christian to be hot and not lukewarm. You are going to do many things.

I am so proud that you heeded the call of the Holy Spirit and came today to speak to us. I was no one special Matthew. I was simply surrendered and set apart. God can really use anyone. He simply has to win their heart and have them submit to him and his will for them.

You have learned to be patient. You have learned to wait on the Lord. You are a person that is aware of times and seasons. You are going to lay down many great books to teach people things. So many people are learning things off you every month and you will continue to touch people’s lives.

I am so happy with you.  I know you have your struggles but you are an overcomer. Trust God. He knows what he is doing with your life.


I want you to know that we are not going to be back on earth for at least 20 years like Elijah told you. You have plenty of time to make a name for yourself and establish yourself. Keep writing. Keep following the leading of the Holy Spirit. Keep coming up here. Now it’s time for you to go.




Thanks people.




That was easy. You simply sat down and typed. You really did taste that chocolate cake didn’t you?




Yes, I did.




It was a big day for heaven today. To have you back! See you later.