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My Visits to the Galactic Council of Heaven


Book 2 Message 4


How are you today?


I am pretty good. I am feeling a slight touch of what feels like depression but I know that has been healed. I feel heaven beckoning me. Jesus actually came down to see me and invite me to come and visit heaven. Here I am ready to ascend.


Let  us ascend.


I walk into the Arena and the apostle John gets up and gives me a big hug.


You have been quoting this verse of mine many times in the prophecies that you have been doing Matthew.

1 John 2:6  (NKJV)

He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.

You have been telling people that it is possible to live and act just like Jesus on earth and people don’t have to wait to go to heaven to be just like Jesus. I am so happy that you know this.

You live out this verse. We are so proud of you. You are a bright shining light to all that you meet.

You had a prophetic word for that young girl today. She was so pretty you at first decided not to give her the prophetic word to her. You went on,  and the Holy Spirit stopped you. You turned and the cleaner that you knew was cleaning a table near her and you didn’t want the cleaner to think that you were approaching pretty girls and disturbing them and you almost left. But the Holy Spirit tugged you again and the cleaner moved to a different section and you gathered your courage and boldly walked up to her and gave her the prophetic word.

You are just like Jesus. You don’t say no to the Holy Spirit. No, you are full of love and full of light but you are oh so very obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Most men would have said no because she was too pretty. Then they would not have done it because of the cleaner. But you allowed yourself to be pushed past those two hindrances and you did it anyway.

The whole of heaven loves you for. The girl was so happy and powerfully impacted by that. The Holy Spirit wants you to know that we are going to direct that girl according to that word and she is one day going to give her life to Jesus because of that.

You are so like Jesus in this. You are told to do this, or to say this and you don’t ask questions and you don’t need to know the end of the story, you simply obey. We had you go to a movie today. You not only gave that pretty girl a wonderful prophetic word, you encouraged another businessman and you also really encouraged the cleaner.

You are amazing. Your parents come to visit you and here you are out at lunch and introducing the centers cleaning staff to your parents. “Here is my mother and father.”

Today the cleaner said that your parents seem like very kind and lovely people. The normal person doesn’t even speak to the cleaner. The cleaner is a nobody that cleans up the mess that they make. But not you. The cleaner, the kitchen staff, the café staff, the bus driver, the train guard, the policemen checking your tickets, all these people get a smile and a beautiful exchange from you.

You are a bright shining light. You are our bright shining light. You are a treasure. You really are a little brother of Jesus. You are so worthy of being here with us.

Can I tell you something Matthew?

I miss you when you are not here. I miss hearing you speak to us. I miss seeing you here. I miss you.

You are better than us when we were disciples. You know so much more than us. It would have been and honor to walk this earth with you.


A strange thing is happening now. I am sitting in the lounge in your house opposite to where you are typing this and I am in this arena up here at the same time.

You are wondering what is happening and now your whole family room is being filled with us. Up above your roof is a portal to heaven and the whole of heaven is opened to view your house as though it is fifty meters away from them. Heaven has come down to you. Here I am in your lounge and the rest of the Galactic Council is now in your house.


This is overwhelming. I was feeling a little depressed and now my heart is filled with joy. I can feel the anointing.


Heaven has come to earth. On earth as it is in heaven. I love you so much. Can you see I have some blue jeans on and a cowboy hat and cowboy boots? I am so comfortable in your house.

We love you so much Matthew.

I don’t think people on earth know how much that we love them. Things are so tough on earth. So many people are being taught lukewarm religion. Of course the person who reads book 1 of this series and is onto book 2 here, they are not lukewarm. But it is hard to get teaching that is meat and has fire to it. I can understand you not missing church. For years you have been taught to go to church and yet it’s at church that you are so often hurt because people do not get you.

We have so much love for the people of the world. Do you know that Jesus does not care if that pretty girl you prophesied over today makes a decision to follow him? Jesus isn’t really concerned about people becoming Christians like Christians are so focused on it. Jesus has directions and encouragement for everyone. Jesus wants you to simple share his love and encourage people with the message that he gives you. Jesus simply has called you to be his light.

So many Christians have an agenda when they go witnessing. They want to see people saved. They want to see people born again. Yes, Jesus wants the same for the whole world. Jesus would be delighted if the whole world came to know him and came to know of his love.

But Jesus does not love the unsaved person less then he loves you. Jesus wants you to be kind to the Christian and the non-Christian the same. Jesus wants you to love everyone. Jesus simply wants you to obey the Holy Spirit and meet the “love needs” of the people of the world.

Jesus was so touched today with that girl you shared that prophecy with. Two times satan tried to stop you but you listened to the nudging of the Holy Spirit and you saw when you gave the message how blessed the girl was. She was so touched.

We want you to simply think with no agenda. We want you to touch people with our love. We simply want to lead you in all that you do.

I tell you all of this to tell you that you are living 1 John 2:6 the verse we shared above. You are living it. You are just like Jesus.


Thank you so much. I am touched. The verse powerfully affected me and I wanted to live it out.


You are living it out Matthew. You are a walking blessing. Your books are touching many lives. Your prophecies are touching many lives. Your videos and articles are touching many lives

Do you know what a powerful effect that you have on people that really get to know you? People really get to know you and they come to know that you are just like me. People come to know you and they see what is possible. People read these encounters and they want the same for themselves but even if they don’t get those encounters they know what is possible because it is happening to you.

My Holy Spirit has directed you to give prophetic words to tens of thousands of people by now. There is so much fruit that is going to come from that. There have been hundreds of prophets that have read and been mentored by your books and by you personally and everything that they do will be reward for you.

You were achieving success in Amway and I called you out of that. You told me that you were going to use that to preach to people. I called you out.

You wrote a novel and edited it for ten years called The Fallen Ones and you were about to self-publish it and I told you to throw it away. You told me that was how you were going to start your ministry. I told you it wasn’t the way to start your ministry and I told you to throw it away. You threw it away.

Each time you had an idea, and each time I told you it was not the way. You are just so obedient to me. I love the fact that you do whatever I tell you to do. Even when a demon pretending to be me told you, to do ten dive bombs in a pool while you were naked, you did that.

You are amazing! Do you know that if we told you to release a twenty-page prophetic word to the world from Bob Jones and make it an eBook that you would do that? Do you know if we told you to do the same with Kim Clement who is here now, that you would do that also?

You would do anything that we asked you to do. When you decided to do what we told you, we would make sure that you get personal prophetic words that assure you that you are on the right path for us.

You are my weapon.

We don’t need you to worry how you are going to do things. We don’t need you to worry how you are going to build a platform. We simply need you to do what we say to do each day.

That is the proper Christian life. It’s a life inspired by the Word of God and directed by the Spirit of God. We simply ask people to know the Bible, to live their life by its contents and to learn how to hear from the Spirit and do what he says to do all the time.

You know the Word of God, you follow it and you know the Holy Spirit and you follow him and that is what makes your life so simple.

Sometimes it is hard for you to obey what we tell you to do. Many people would not understand how you are so obedient. Many people might question us more than you do. That is okay. Every relationship has to be built on trust. We have to grow with each other. I would not ask you something that is impossible for you to do. Though you can really do the impossible with me. Here you are, a person who failed High School English and now you have self-published over 20 books. That to man is impossible, but not impossible with a great editor like yours.

When you thought that you were going to launch your ministry with The Fallen Ones and I asked you to throw it out, you would have had no idea then that one day you would have over 20 books. When you started to prophesy you never had the idea that gift would finance your book production? When you saw that we were having a pre party celebration before the second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary, you had no real confidence that Donald was going to be elected. It is therefore not important that you know everything. It is important for you to trust us to get things done that need to be done.

I can see you are getting tired. I want you to wave to everyone.


I wave my hand at my roof. Heaven roars with praise.

Thank you John and Jesus


See you Matthew. Try and get the typos out of this the best you can and post it to your blog.