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My visits to the Galactic Council of Heaven

Book 2 Message 6


How are you today Matthew?


I am feeling a bit sad now. I have been up all night and heaven sort of told me to have a visit tonight. I think that the people in the council can cheer me up a little


That is what we are in your life for. Let us ascend now


I enter heaven

Jesus gives me a big hug. I am overcome. John Paul Jackson gives me a hug and I try not to cry.

John Paul Jackson

Take a seat Matthew. It is so good that you listen to the Holy Spirit when he directs you. I am so glad that you are so obedient.

It is so good to see you here with us. The whole table is full of people. Your books are going well this month. You are touching lives and we are watching you from here in heaven. We are so proud of you. You bring us so much joy.


I am pleased that I bring you joy. You all have a coffee I see. You have been to my coffee shop I see. I am a little emotional. I am a little tired of writing. I am a bit tired and a bit worn out.

John Paul Jackson

We know that you are tired. The update to the book of Jesus’ parables really took it out of you. That ten 2-hour sessions with your editor was really tiring. Things will get better. You will see. You can relax and not work so hard and things will get better for you.

We are so happy with you. We love you so much. No matter what you do with your life, no matter if you are busy or relaxing, heaven is happy with you. I am just so pleased to know you. We all miss you between visits.

I want you to know that we really care about you. You don’t need to do anything to impress us. If the people of God didn’t need to be educated, Jesus would have called you home already. You are so special to Jesus and all of us.


Thank you John. That means so much to me. I feel like crying here. I feel the atmosphere and it is good for me.

Joseph Jesus’ father on earth

I am happy to meet you again Matthew. I see you are going through my interview with your editor for the book “Great Cloud of Witnesses Speak: Old and New”. I am so proud of you. I want to personally thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak on earth.

I am so happy with what I have been able to say. I just want to give you a big hug.

I hug Joseph and he starts to cry.

I love you son. We all love you my son. Keep going. Pace yourself and don’t let the world get you down. We are counting on you to be our voice. We are counting on you to show many people the way to life.

My son Jesus adores you. He loves you so very much. You make me cry. I am overcome with love for you. When you get sad it makes us in heaven cry for you. I love you so much.


I have had some pretty awesome prophecies in the past few weeks. They sort of tell me how much Jesus loves me. I don’t know, sometimes sadness just engulfs me.


You are a prophet Matthew. Your life is different to many. You carry the burden of Jesus on your heart. I wish that all people could understand Jesus and how he really feels about what is going on when it comes to earth.

Some people have no idea that Jesus gets cut up with emotions over the state of the earth. Many people assume with all the praise and worship going on in heaven that Jesus is never consumed with sorrow or pain.

As a prophet, as an empath, you feel his pain and you share in it. It is an amazing thing to share with Jesus. He needs people like you. He needs a friend like you.

Matthew let me speak plainly with you right now. Forget about what people might say when they read this book. I want to speak to you, prophet to prophet. I want to minister to your heart. I want you to let me say what is on my mind. Stop trying to stop what I want to say.


Sorry. Okay speak.


You were selected at your birth to be someone special to this world. You were one “like unto Moses” and born into this world with a great purpose. You are not an ordinary person. All of your life you have struggled. All of your life satan has been opposing you and standing against you.

You are special and you have a unique calling. You have many roles and many things that you are going to do in the future. We have so much for you to do. The world does not know of you yet. Most of the world have no idea of who you are yet. But times will come where the people of the world will know who you are and you will be making a massive impact.

Lance, your friend prophesied to you and told you just how special you are to Jesus. He told you what role you play in Jesus’ life. He told you that you are unique and hold a place in the heart of Jesus that few people reach.

Lance told you that you are like Enoch and that it might be possible that you will be taken early the same way that he was taken. Your heart is happy with that and you are prepared to come right now.

Lance has said that you will become a household name and that you will be very popular on earth and even after you pass on, multitudes of people will be reading your books.

It is time for you to understand that you are not a mistake. It is important for you to know that your mother became pregnant with a miracle. Your mother was not a virgin like Christ’s birth but your conception was no less of an event for heaven. There I have said it. I am glad you relaxed and let me speak plainly and was not holding back what I wanted to say.

You are God’s mouthpiece. You are a Moses, you are an Elijah. You are an Enoch, you are a John the beloved, you are an Isaiah. You are here to spread the messages that heaven gives you and you are here to fashion the people of God. You have a great role to do on earth. You are a chosen one. You are a firstfruits offering to the world. You are a forerunner with a breaker anointing and a person that is going to lead many people into truth.

You have so much to do. You have so much that you are going to become. You have so much growth ahead of you and you have so many books that you are going to write. You know now that you are going to write more than 50 books like you were originally shown by Jesus.

You have become a fire burning bright. You are going to burn brighter and brighter. You will soon stop comparing yourself to others with big names in ministry and soon you will come to know that you are going to become great yourself. One day, many people will look at you and be overcome. Friends that have left you now and deserted you now will see you in the future and see their mistakes.

People who know you now and who are reading this book may see you in the future and be astonished that you could reach such heights. Yes, you have been hurt by people leaving your side, but all of those people will live long enough to regret deserting you. They may never have access to you in the future, but they will have fond memories of when they knew you.

Everything that happens in your life is ordered and planned by heaven. The good, the bad the sad, everything is planned for you. We understand the anguish of your heart. We understand your struggles. We know the deep hurt that you feel for being abandoned by people that you love. That is all been weighed and brought into play. We know you and what you can cope with. We know exactly what you need to cope and get through the day. Even just being here typing this, you have seen that sadness drop away. We saw you sad, we brought you here and now the sadness has left.

You are supernatural and you are going to teach others to walk in it. You are never going to quit. You are always going to get up no matter how many blows you are hit with. You are going to survive everything that satan plays against you. He thinks he can trip you up and bring you back to a life of addiction and sin but we know your future and we know how you are going to survive and break through to another level and a fresh anointing.

We have everything planned for you. We know every single book that you are going to write. We know every person that is going to come into your life to support you. We know every challenge, trial and storm that is going to come against you. We know how you are going to survive. We know that no matter how many times you get knocked down that you are going to get up. We know your whole future.

We are going to be with you all of the way. This council is never going to leave you. We will always be your friends and you guides. Bob is always going to be with you. He is going to walk with you right until the day that you are called home to be with us. Yes, everything is planned and we know everything that is ever going to happen with you.

Sin is not going to win in your life. Lack of friends and loneliness is not going to beat you down. Depression is not going to control you. Lack of finances is not going to affect you. Your health is not going to hamper you. You are not going to be stopped. Nothing that satan brings against you is going to work to stop you. Nothing is going to stop you. You are an overcomer and a savior for the world. You have a mission and a future that cannot be stopped.

You are going to overcome all obstacles. You are going to rise and become more and more popular. You are going to release book after book and your fame is going to grow. You are going to start to preach soon enough and then the world will see you preach and minister. You are going to have a staff and people to support you and nothing that comes against you will ever be able to stop the rising of your star.

Everything that was planned in your scroll will be accomplished. One day in the future you will be an authority that people will be following and quoting like they do to other people now. You may be a slow train and other trains might be going faster right now, but your life is going to eclipse many of the people, that people compare you to now. You are obedient and strong and committed to Jesus like few people are and you are going to overcome everything and everyone that stands in your way and you are going to shine as bright as the firmament.

I want you to know that I am always here for you. Anything that you want to ask me, anything that you want from me, you can have access. All of us are here for you and all of us will be with you through these coming years. We were selected to support you and speak to you and through you. We all have a role in your life. We all have strengths to share with you. We all have seen your future and we are all here to counsel you and hold your hand through the journey.

Oh, yes you have not been coming here a lot in the past eight months. But you will come and we will guide you and talk to you. We know your future and we know what we need to do in your life to get you there. We are the 12 that the prophet spoke about. She is not as great as she thinks she is. She didn’t think we were the 12 that she prophesied about but we are.

I have so much for you. I have so much to speak to you. I could speak all day to you but you have to wrap this chapter and blog post up now. Just remember the mighty Elijah loves you and is in your corner to serve and support you for the rest of your days.


Thank you so much. I know why I had to be up tonight so I could get into the anointing and be able to hear you so well/


I will be with your always, right until the end of the age. Go in peace. Edit this as much as you can and post it on your blog. I love you so much Matthew. You are so precious to me.


Bye Elijah. See you later council.


Should we go?


Thank you so much. I am here back on earth. That was just like a prophecy over my life. Thank you Bob for loving me.


You are easy to love, Matthew.


Bye Bob


Have a good day.