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Princess Diana answers “What is Jesus Like?”

Matthew: Question 8 What is Jesus like?

Diana speaks:

Have you ever had a man in your life like your grandfather or someone older than your father who was just full of love for you? He’s full of wonder you can climb up on his lap and you can pull his beard and he just loves it.  He just understands you and loves you and do anything for you, will play with you all day, will just love you for who you are and if be a little mysterious and just full of love?

That’s one way you can explain Jesus. You can meet him and it’s like you’ve known him all of your life. There’s this feeling of familiarity of being known, of being accepted. There’s this childlike wonder that you have in his company.

It’s just like your grandfather or that older man. It’s just so comfortable. It’s just so endearing. It’s just so lovely.

Jesus isn’t a man full of rules. He isn’t harsh. He isn’t like you meet many Christians. He isn’t angry or upset or a person that’s going to dictate all of these rules to you. He’s totally understandable. He’s so full of love. You can look into his eyes and just melt. He’s the husband I was looking for. He really is.

When I live life on earth, many of you know a lot more about my life than Matthew knows but I was searching for Jesus all this time on earth that I spent. I was looking for a love that I found in Jesus’ eyes. Jesus looks at you and he knows you completely. He undresses you with his eyes but it’s not in a sexual way.

Have you ever wanted to talk for 100 hours to someone so that they could see you, so that they could understand you? Matthew’s heard it said that authors have got a lot to say and essentially they’re basically saying in their books, “Can you see me? Please understand me.” Essentially, authors are doing that. “Can you see me? Please understand me.”

Well, you live in a really harsh world where people haven’t got the time or the energy to invest in getting to know each other. So, we spend these lives trying to connect, trying to get a deep connection with a person and trying for them to understand who we are and love us for who we are. Jesus loves you for who you are. He seeks you out.

I’ve never been seen so completely than the way Jesus looks at me. He lavishes his love upon me. When you look into Jesus’ eyes and you feel his love for you, when he speaks to you, you’re ruined, you’re ruined, just undone. You’re completely exposed and you’re ruined for any other male. No male, no male on earth can compete with Jesus. No one.

I’ve met the apostles. I’ve met the popular people in the Bible. I’ve met Paul. I’ve met Peter and John, the disciples. I’ve met the apostles. I’ve met the heroes of the bible.

None of them compared to Jesus. People like Moses, they’re very touching. John, the apostle John, is really lovely. James, Jesus’ brother has a lot of similarities to Jesus but he’s not Jesus.

Other men in heaven are beautiful but no one can hold a candle to Jesus. No one can compete with the love that he has for you. No one. There’s no one. I’m ruined.

Of course, there’s no marriage in heaven. Of course, there isn’t any other man for me. Jesus is my sweetheart. He really is the epitome of manhood. He’s solid. He’s strong. He’s full of authority. He can trample down kings. He’s got tremendous biceps.

He’s physically strong and able. He’s the man’s man. And yet he’s gentle as a dove. He’s gentle as a lamb. He’s so sweet and romantic.

To be held in Jesus’ arms, in the crook of his neck is just another experience. To have Jesus hold you, to have Jesus hold your hand, to have Jesus kiss you on the cheek and whisper in your ear is just so romantic. It’s just so amazing. It’s just so lovely.

Jesus is everything to me. I don’t know if I’ve overstated it. I don’t think you could ever overstate Jesus. I don’t think you could ever say too much about him. I don’t think it’s possible to exaggerate about how good Jesus is because there is no exaggeration.

He’s the beginning and he’s the end. He’s the creator of the universe. He is all-powerful, all- knowing, all-loving, all-knowledgeable. He just knows everything. He is everything.

He is everywhere. He is just amazing. You should come to know him. I’m so fortunate that I knew him. I’m so fortunate that I had a relationship with him before I died.

I’m so fortunate that I’m in heaven. He’s beautiful. You should get to know him, not the Jesus that some Christians might preach but the Jesus who’s in the gospels, the Jesus that’s in the book of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Go and read for yourself about this Jesus and read what he taught.

Go and read what he taught in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Matthew’s written a book called “The Parables of Jesus Made Simple,” updated and expanded edition. Read that book. Get an understanding into the teachings of Jesus. Of course, you can read books about a person. You can read a book about President Trump or you can actually meet the man. You can read a book about Jesus. You can read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, which talks about Jesus and the life of Jesus and it’s remarkable. You find a good understanding of Jesus when you understand what he taught in Matthew’s book about the parables. You can get a glimpse into some of the concepts that Jesus was talking about.

Jesus is not understood by many people on earth. Many people on earth have little understanding of Jesus. Even sadly, some of the people who run churches have little understanding of who Jesus is but when you meet Jesus in heaven, when he looks into your eyes, when he holds you in his gaze, when he puts his hands out and holds your face, and speaks to you, you’re forever undone. You’re touched beyond comprehension. You’re powerfully affected.

Jesus, there’s no end to him. When you look into his eyes, you can see eternity. You can see the future. You can look into the eyes of Jesus and see the future of the earth. You can look into the eyes of Jesus and see the future for all mankind. You can look into the eyes of Jesus and see the very creation of earth and the creation of time. In Jesus, you can see the love and the compassion of God.

You can watch Jesus as he interacts with the children and children are running around him and jumping up and he’s picking children up. He’s skipping rope with children. He’s wrestling with children. He’s climbing over playground equipment with children. He’s going into amusement parks and sliding down slides and riding roller coasters with children.

Children follow him. He’s like the Pied Piper of the storybook reputation.  The children of heaven just love Jesus and Jesus has got so much time. When you watch Jesus with the children, it’s hard not to cry. It’s hard not to have tears well up in your eyes because you see the attention he pays to just one child. You see the attention that the time that he spends with just one child. You see how he is with a group of children and how he’ll gather them all together and tell them a story and they’re fascinating stories. If you go up and listen to the story, it’s an amazing story.

Jesus is very good at sharing his past. He’s very open. He’s very transparent. I think that Matthew does if you read many of his books.  Matthew is very open and transparent with his life. So is Jesus. He’ll often be sharing with children his life as a child and when he was a child and the things that he experienced and the things he experienced as he was growing up. And he’ll share that with the children and he’ll be taking them back 2,000 years ago when he was on earth and how he struggled with rejection and fear and worry and troubles that were part of the world. And how he overcame those fears and worries and rejection. And he went on to become the leader of the Jews and the rejected Messiah.

Jesus is an amazing person. It’s how to put into words someone who is immortal. It’s how to define something that’s so wide and has got so much width and so much breadth. He’s so high. There’s no one higher. There’s no one lower. There’s no one wider. You know, you can fit the whole of the universe inside Jesus. And Jesus is as big as the universe. He really is the savior of my soul. One thing I regret is not pursuing him with passion when I was on earth. If there’s something that you want to learn from what I have to say today, if there’s something you really want to listen to in this book of mine, get to know Jesus.

Matthew has a  a book called 7 keys to Intimacy with Jesus. Buy that book. Pursue that book. Put that book into practice. Come to know Jesus for who he is. Do yourself a favor. Get to know Jesus. He really is the way, the truth and the life. He really is the answer to life. Your life in heaven is going to be a whole lot better and a whole lot richer and more fulfilling if you already know Jesus before you get to heaven. Of course, there’s no knowing Jesus like you now him when you’re in heaven.

To walk with him, and talk with him, and laugh with him and get carried away with the emotions of life with him in heaven is just something to have to be experienced. It just can’t be explained. I find that even my words are falling short. It’s like trying to explain in words the sound of a symphony. It’s so hard to capture. He’s so hard to define. He’s something beautiful. He’s something amazing. He’s something exquisite. He really is the answer to your life. He really is the answer to everything you want to know. I hope that you come to know Jesus and love him for who he is and I hope you come to know him before you die.