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Direction for Your Future via Life Coaching

If you have questions and concerns about your life, I can help you find the answers that you need. You can sit down with a prophet who hears from God and discuss these matters with him as he provides insight into your decisions.

Sometimes,you have two or more choices in life that seem good. For example, you might want to know if you should go back to school or stay at your job and focus on changing your workplace. You don’t know what to do and want clear direction from God. Talking to a person who could simply ask God on your behalf which path you should take with your life would be very helpful. You cannot even put a price on how valuable this type of counsel would be in your work, career and future.

You might have asked for a prophetic word from a man or woman of God that doesn’t cover the concerns of your heart. In these situations when you need specific direction, you might want to talk for 30minuteswith a seasoned prophet on Skype who can offer godly counsel for your life.As a mature believer, Matthew can provide you with additional insight and discuss your plans with you. After you receive prophetic counsel, you might like six-month check up on your life to process through these decisions and issues that you face.

A seasoned prophet can give you another perspective about what you are going through.You can talk things over with someone who walks with God and who could give you additional counsel.

I would love to connect with you further and work with you to offer life coaching.

I promise that I won’t tell you that God said something if he didn’t say it.
I promise that I won’t say things just to make you “feel good”—although I hope that you will be encouraged by what I say.
I promise that I will spend time in prayer beforehand to prepare myself for your call.

The process will be simple enough.You have two options.

The best option is for you to set up a Skype account and arrange to talk to me on Skype.

The second option is for you to call me so that we can speak over the phone.

For the Skype option, I will email you after you make your PayPal payment and ask you for your Skype contact address. Then, we can schedule a time for the call via email.

For the phone option, I will also email you so that we can arrange a time for you to call when it is convenient for both of us.

I am offering 30-minute sessions right now for $85.00 Australian or approximately $65.00 USD. Please order your session by pressing the PayPal link below.

I will guarantee that you are happy with the conversation and with the result. If you are not satisfied, I will refund your money if needed.

I look forward to connecting with you. God bless you.