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The Supernatural Life

To some people when they hear that I meet with Jesus often, and I see angels and visit with saints would say that I live a very supernatural life. To me it is just my life. I don’t take it for granted in any way, but to to me it does not feel that special.

I have a life where I don’t have many friends and I feel that the saints that visit me fill in that gap in my life. I am often doing something and I hear a comment in my spirit and soon enough I am identifying who it was that said it, a saint, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I consider that I have this life that I live because of three things, the fact that I have child-like faith, that I am teachable and my intimacy with God.

I have tried to take a few people to Heaven in the past few weeks and we have encountered issues and not been able to have people see Heaven like I can see it. I can go to Heaven at will, and yet it seems some people have more work to do before they can access Heaven.

I think the supernatural breaks open when you have an intimate relationship with Jesus and you have the child-like faith to allow it to happen. I am still learning all about this. I am no expert. I am simply a novice that encounters more than most people do.

I feel that the Holy Spirit is a great guide and he is ever present in all the things that happen to me. I hope that one day the Holy Spirit may give me the reasons why I encounter a lot and others don’t.

Bless you.