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Visit Heaven

Imagine what it would be like to visit heaven and see your mansion. Picture yourself walking through the city of heaven, seeing the Crystal Sea or meeting the Father and Jesus in the Throne Room.

You might have read books about other people’s visits to heaven.You felt in your heart that you have the faith to visit heaven but have not yet personally enjoyed this beautiful experience.

Years ago, the Holy Spirit taught me how to take people to heaven. I have spiritually held people’s hands and taken them to heaven. So far, I have not had one person who wanted to go who was not able to see heaven. It is as though their faith combines with mine, and we have a shared vision of heaven together.

In November 2016, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, I spent some time takingthree people to heaven via a Skype call. Each of these people knew I could help open up heaven for them. They had the childlike faith to try,so we saw them enter heaven and have a look around.

I know that if you take a trip, you will benefit from this rewarding experience. My time is valuable to me.As such, I pondered setting a specific price and asking for a set donation, yet I feel led to let the readers choose the price that they believe they should pay.

The process will take 10 to 30 minutes to connect on Facebook, exchange Skype contact details and schedule a time for a Skype call. The actual visit to heaven will also take up to half an hour. Therefore, I will spend between 40 minutes and an hour to facilitate this encounter.

Take the following steps if you are interested:

  1. Set up a Skype account with your contact name.
  2. Press the donate button and type in the amount in Australian dollars as the Holy Spirit leads you to sow into my ministry.Google offers a currency converter program so that you can determine how much to donate in Australian dollars.
  1. Send a message to me at Matthew Robert Payne on Facebook and friend request me.Tell me in the message that you want to go to heaven.

4.Schedule a time via Facebook messenger to connect with me on Skype and send me your contact name.

  1. Accept my contact request and be ready for the call at the appointed time.

Once we have made these arrangements, I will do my best to make you comfortable and take you on your first memorable visit to heaven. I will be directing the visit via the Holy Spirit, so we will only be able to do what the Holy Spirit wants to do. You can submit requests for places to see, but we will first go to two or three places that the Holy Spirit wants you to encounter.


If we go through the process, and we don’t havea successful visit so that you see heaven, I will refund your money via PayPal. I might have some homework for you before we try to visit heaven again.


I have a set place in heaven that I take you to first—an open portal that allows us access to heaven. You will need to remember what this portal looks like in your mind so that you can access heaven again via the portal for any future visits to heaven.

What to do next

Set up your Skype account and then make a donation as the Lord leads you. Please keep in mind that you can save up to donate before you actually go to heaven.

How I spend your donations

My ministry exists to educate Christians and to help them grow in their Christian life. I also manage a couple of Facebook groups. I write a new book about every six weeks, and the vast majority of my money is spent on self-publishing books that I make available on Kindle for 99 cents. This venture of taking people to heaven was not started with the purpose of making money but to simply provide others with insight and help them access heaven for themselves. This will allow me to finance the creation of more books. The price of my books alone should convince you that I am not in ministry for money. If you would like to support my ministry in other ways, please visit the page,“Support my ministry.”