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What does a righteous rebuke look like?

Have you ever wanted to see what a righteous rebuke looks like? Have you ever been called to bring correction? I could have used more love and grace in this, but I was so angered by the post and it took me so long to edit and fix up my comment that I did not go back and soften my tone.

Many people think they are called to bring correction. You have to have a lot of trust between you and the person built up to have correction received, but I wrote this correction so that you could read it as an an example.

A man called Ben posted this:

I know exactly how to play the Christian church system. I know all the buttons to push to climb up the ladder. I am very well versed in all the things I need to ‘say’ and ‘do’ in order to make it big in churchanity. If I looked, acted, sounded and smelled like establishment Christianity, I could go far, absolutely no doubt about it. Here’s the problem… it’s a house of card that’s about to come crashing down. It’s old hat, it’s yesterday’s bread. Father is raising up sons and daughters to steward not a business but a family. The spirit of religion is dead, in fact, God is judging the spirit of religion. We’re going to look extremely different. It’s going to be a house of radical lovers, not religious lawyers
My comment that took me a lot of time and which will still have typos in follows:

All I see is a valley of dry bones and supposed army of sons and daughters who seem to speak right and say all the right things, but they seem to ignore the fact that Christ came to set the prisoners free.

We have a commission to love and heal and restore. We are not to just tear down the error but we are to also build what is right.

I am not sure if you can handle it Ben David but the sick need a doctor and the blind guides need to have their eyes opened. Who better to set them free then people who were once bound and now are free?

I have found that whatever stream you are in, only 2% of the people of God give anything more than 2% of their income to God. I also find that very few people actually understand what Jesus taught in his parables and how he stressed four times if you love him then you are to obey his commands. 99% of Christians could not tell you that they were aware that Jesus had any commands

Thinking you are a lover and condemning others as a lost system and one that is going to be judged is whether you like it or not is self-righteousness wishing yourself. You think “we are better than them.”

The new wave, the laid down lovers of Heidi Baker and her husband don’t move in this extreme grace that most people preach, they are very balanced and they do indeed see a need and step out to meet that need.

I could put a homeless man outside of any Christian conference centre and even your conference Ben and I could ask him to ask anyone if they had spare change. i could pay $100 for his day and to ask him to ask everyone of a 1000 people there for spare change and I doubt that he would have 5 people give him any money.

One of Jesus 50 commands was “Give to everyone who asks of you”

Heidi does do that as do I but man’s teaching in all the streams ignore what Jesus taught.
The grace camp and new breed as you preach of is full of its own Pharisees and blind guides prophesying that religion is going to be judged and fail.

He who wants to remove a speck must first remove the plank.

I think we need the highways and bi ways people to actually save the lost in the church including you and this somewhat prideful post of yours.

I know you have a heart and one that cares, and you even believe that no one will go to hell. I know that comes from a good place.

Not more than 2 % of the church are doing what Jesus taught including your stream because post like this show that you have no compassion for the lost and the bound and those in prison of religion.

All I see is a dead lukewarm church and a valley of dry bones with the most enlightened walking in half-truth and half revelation and very few abiding in Christ well enough that they actually walk like him like 1 john 2:6 promises that we can be exactly like Jesus.
There is an army that is coming. They need to be when up but the church is dead and led by people who are blind.

We need the love of Jesus and the passion of Jesus and the spirit of Jesus to act and do the work of the Kingdom.

We need wisdom which is the practical demonstration of knowledge and revelation.
We have a lot of knowledge and so called revelation around and very little wisdom around.
People are all talk and no action and teaching stuff that they don’t walk in.

On one hand you said an army of lovers is going to replace the lies of religion and in the next sentence you decree that religion is going to fall down.

Can’t you see that condemning the religious for being religious is actually being prideful and unloving by you and self-righteous thinking you have a better doctrine and understanding.?
if you are going to sweep the world with love, would not that include loving the people who are bound like you once were?

Or have you been attacked so much by them that you hate them?

Didn’t’ John say of you can’t love your brother then you don’t know God? or something like that?

Wasn’t John the apostle of love?

Love is not talk.

John said about 6 times in his Gospel and letters that if you say you love Jesus you are to prove it by obeying his commands

His commands are not law like some teach. His commands are how to practically love God and your brother.

Yet grace shows out what Jesus said in John and what John said in his letters

We have a blind church and blind people teaching things that they don’t actually walk in.
I say this with love Ben David and yet I took all the time to write this, not because i expect you will receive what I say, as we had our former clash over your universalism lie that you preach, but for the sake of people I will repost this to on my own wall.