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Request your Prophecy

Having the name of a prophet who has ministered personal prophecy for people for a number of years is a very precious thing. When you go to a prophet and he delivers a timely and relevant personal prophecy regarding your life and your situation it is wonderful. I personally have a prophet that I go to for my personal prophecies and I am always happy to get them. His name is Jeremy Lopez and the donation that you need to make for your personal prophecy is $40 US.

Sometimes even when you are used to hearing from God, it can be very helpful to have another person hear for you. As a prophet, I do not encourage people to become dependant on myself, but I know the real substantial benefit that can be had from having a prophet that I can go to when I feel I need a personal prophecy or direction in life.

Why I Charge

For going on twenty years I ministered in the prophetic for free and did up to 20,000 personal prophecies for people. I would say in that time that about 8,000 were for Christians who requested a personal prophecy from a website that I ran, and about 12,000 were for strangers in the streets of my city where I was doing Prophetic Evangelism. In July 2014 I requested a personal prophecy from Jeremy Lopez and he gave me a directional word that said I was going to pursue a business venture. It was then that the Lord put it on my heart to start to request that people give me a minimum donation if they wanted a personal prophecy.

Today in my local church, I still deliver personal prophecies to people as the Lord lays it on my heart. Today I still witness to people on the streets of my city by giving them a personal prophecy for free, but when it comes to requests for ministry over the Internet, I ask that people give me a minimum donation of $30 Australian ( or about $22.00 US)

Support My Ministry

I am called as a prophet and a teacher of the Word. My life is quite busy at times. In the past year, I have written and self published six Christian books and it takes quite a lot of money to have my books edited, designed and published. It is through the donations that people have made for their personal prophecy, and it has been through the generous giving of people who believe in me through my donation page, that I have been able to produce four books between July 2015 and December 2015.

Since I started my first website for doing personal prophecy in July 2015, I have found it to be a great surprise, that more people felt led to give to my ministry without wanting a prophecy in return, then people who wanted a $30 prophecy. It is very humbling to have people love me and believe in what I am doing in ministry and support me.