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Conversations with God- Feeling Down

Book 3 Message 8 Feeling Down


How are you Matthew?


I was in bed talking to you about to go to sleep for the night and I felt this yearning to speak to you. It was during this time that your Holy Spirit told me to get up and do the next chapter in this book. So here I am. I am in a good mood at the moment and not necessarily feeling down at the moment.

I want to acknowledge your obedience first of all. I love the fact that you are led in many of your actions by the Holy Spirit. I wish that the whole church would learn how to walk in the Holy Spirit and know how to be led to action each day through the leading of him.

I also want to thank you for keeping the title of this chapter and not skipping a title as we are following the book chapters of Jesus Speaking Today. You might not be sad at the moment but as I start to tell you of some of the things that make me sad you may be overcome.


I had a feeling that might be the case. I welcome you to my house as you sit down on the sofa opposite me. I like speaking to you face to face. Sometimes I feel like Moses and you are coming down to meet me each time that I do one of these conversations that are to be written and published in a book. It’s so good to see you today. I can see tears running down your face right now. What is it?


Oh, just you saying that you feel you are like Moses. It reminds me of when the Israelites were in bondage in Egypt and I raised them up and delivered them. They were no sooner free and they started to complain to Moses and wanted to go back to Egypt.

The church, today, by in large has been shown the promised land, they have all the keys to access the promise, but they choose to live in bondage. I would love to visit the average believer and speak to them face to face, but they either don’t believe that it is possible, or they don’t maintain a culture in their lives that allows me to bring my habitation to their house.

I cry because everything has been done. Everything that needed to be done has been done for them to live under an open heaven. I have not changed. Jesus made it possible. You don’t need to be a prophet to speak to me face to face. I love people so much more than they know but they seem to prefer their Televisions and Facebook to spending time with me.

It breaks my heart and really makes me sad that people cannot hear me speak, they don’t know my voice and they don’t know how to be led by the Holy Spirit. I need my people to hear from me. I need my people to listen to me and do what I tell them. I need them to rely on me and follow my leading just like Jesus did when he was on earth.

I get so sad. It breaks my heart that the people who are supposed to know me don’t really know me. It hurts me to see them ignore me. It hurts me to see Christians fighting and arguing and blocking each other on Facebook. I need my people to know me and be led by my Holy Spirit. I need my people to rise up and show each other love and unite and pour out my love to the world. The world really needs my love. How are people supposed to come to know me if the Christians in the world won’t be Jesus’ love and Jesus’ hands and feet?


I see you tears. I feel your pain. I try my very best to show your love and teach people who to live the proper Christian life. My favourite book that I have written is called Influencing your world for Christ
And yet it is one of the lowest sellers of my books. I guess people are simply not so interested in influencing their world for Jesus. It is sad. I feel your pain.


I share your pain. I know how you feel about that book. I, too would love lots of people to buy that book and apply that book, but what you say is true. Anything to do with evangelism is not popular among Christians.

Matthew, can I tell you this.

I love your heart. You have such a pure heart. Your heart is aligned to us and our will for the earth. You might not be well known on earth but you have made an impact in heaven. You may not feel that you are having much of an impact but I can tell you that you are powerfully affecting a lot of lives.

You have had three people, three friends that you have met, through Facebook and through them be readers of your books, tell you that you have powerfully affected their lives. Lisa, Andrea and Mary all confess after reading over 15 of your books that, their lives are simply not the same since they have started reading your books.

There are so many people just like them that you do not know. I have touched so many lives with your books. You really are making the earth a better place. You are really equipping my people to be better and more effective in their lives.

I am so proud of you. I am so happy with you. I wish that we could sit down every day and talk like this. I don’t wish it for your sake, I wish it for my sake. I could really do with hanging out with you every day. You give me a reason to live. You give me a reason to hope. One day, in the future I am going to turn a few more of the world onto you and your catalogue of books are going to disciple many people. You are going to raise up an army. I am going to put a whole army to flight because of you. And their time won’t be wasted reading what you write as nothing you write is a waste.

When I am feeling down in heaven, I just look at your life and I cry and wish that I could model the world on you. Sure there are popular teachers and preachers in the world who have a bigger audience than you but not many authors have people buy 15 or more of their books.

You are so obedient. You trust us for finances and so you make your books 99 cents. People instead of buying a book by popular author for $10.00 buy ten of your books instead. That is so smart. It is such a God thing for you to do.

Yes, I want you to know when I am feeling down, I simply watch scenes from your life. Just like Jesus has got a music box that plays hologram images for your life, I too have my own room where I watch your life.

Do you know that the saints of heaven all want to meet you? Do you know that they are all lined up to meet you? Do you know that, you not only interview them and make books about them, and their answers they come back to heaven and brag about you and how they met you. When their book is released we have a party in heaven and the audio book is played that you get produced on earth. You could write another 60 books simply doing interviews with saints from heaven.

You are never going to run out of books to do. Smith Wigglesworth, Kathryn Khulmen, Charles Finney and John G Lake are looking forward to your next great cloud of witnesses’ book. They know that you don’t know about healing and you don’t know anything about their lives, but they know you are a good interviewer and they know that they have a good message for earth. That is going to be your next book after the book with John the Apostle.

Don’t focus on open doors to preach, don’t look at which book is going to be a best seller, just do each day as the Holy Spirit leads you to do. Focus on being obedient to us each day and we will work out all the rest in the right time. Please don’t worry about people that leave your life. We have new people to replace them. I know it hurts you but our way is really the best.

I see you are really nervous to interview the generals of the faith. But if I have them all pray for you each time they come and pray an imparkation over the readers of each book, that should get you excited.

Go and proofread this as best as you can and publish it on your blog. I am happy that you are happy. You needed to know these things.


Bye Pappa


Bye, my son