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Conversations with God-Life Dreams

Book 3 Message 13

Life Dreams


How are you feeling Matthew?


I have had a good day. I have been listening to a good audio book and I am learning about Facebook, Google. Amazon and Apple. It has been good to listen you so far. I am amazed at the success of these companies. They are dreams coming true for some people I am sure. I have just downloaded a new worship album and I am listening to it. It seems really nice. It is by Steffany Gretzinger. She seems to have a great heart.


If you were musical Matthew, the world would really hear some great worship out of you. You would write some great songs. The world really sees how big your heart is in these conversations. You make me so happy.

You have been sad for a time this month as you book sales have been down. We had to get you focused on touching just one life and not touching the masses. We needed you to focus on us and our relationship and not on numbers.

You released a great book this week How to hear God’s Voice. I am so proud of you labouring over that book and making sure that it was published and made available to people. That book is going to affect a lot of people and let them become closer and closer to me.

Can you imagine living a Christian life without being able to hear Jesus or me? Can you imagine that silence? How would you cope if all you had were people’s books, the Bible and one-way prayers? How would you get by?


It would not be good for me. I don’t know if I would cope. I don’t know how people cope without hearing from you and Jesus. I don’t know how people live lives that are not directed by the Holy Spirit. I am not sure I would know how to go through a day without being led by the Holy Spirit. I don’t know how people go throughout life without a true relationship with you guys and a two-way communication channel.


The subject is life dreams. I have a dream. I wish that I could speak to the world. Sometimes I release a book to the world and I have some great things to say through an author, but then most times that is only to a Christian audience. The book, “ A Purpose Driven Life” really struck a chord with many people and Rick Warren really touched millions of people’s lives for me.

But you live in world with billions of lives. I would love to speak to everyone and draw them to myself. Sometimes, I see you wishing that your books were more popular, and this series of books would be a great message to the lives of people if they could see them. I know that you would love to see this series of books reach millions, but to be honest with you, I wish I could take this series of books to the billions.

My heart really aches for mankind. I wish that all men and women could hear me. I wish that all the people of the world could hear me speak. It is my dream. I dream or a world where everyone could hear me speak.

I am not sure that people can really grasp how much I want to be heard. I don’t think people really discover how much I want to be friends with the people of the world.

Some people would see you as a prophet and say to themselves that you are a prophet and so you are called to a closer relationship with me. They don’t realize that they too, can have a lasting, deep and intimate relationship with me. You are no one special. You don’t have something that other people cannot have. Oh yes, you have made sacrifices to become as close as you are to me. You have put work and effort into your relationship and together we have shared many things that caused our relationship to become strong. But there is nothing that you have done, that they also could not do.

Perhaps you are a forerunner in intimacy with me. Perhaps I should hold you up as a model and show you off and draw others to myself through you and your example. But even you, yourself don’t consider that you are better than anyone or doing anything that others can’t do. You agree with me, that friendship with the God of heaven and earth is not only possible but a good choice for people to make.


Perhaps people are scared of you? Maybe they don’t want to go to the effort. Perhaps they are worried that they will have to give up their lives and do things they don’t want to do.

All I know, is that it doesn’t hurt to start the conversation. It doesn’t hurt to get out a journal and start to speak to you and hear what you have to say to them. It might be hard going for them, to hear from you and to realize that you are a God with emotions and feelings and that you are real.

I hope that people who read the Conversations with God series of books become so encouraged that they learn to speak to you, the learn to hear from you and start to also journal with you.

In this way as people come to speak to you, I know that we are getting closer to your life’s dreams. I know that you want to speak to the whole world, but perhaps more of us can share your words with other people and our lives can be used to influence the world for Christ. They can learn how to influence their world by reading my book, Influencing your world for Christ.


I enjoy coming down and speaking to you. I consider you special and unique in my kingdom, but what you have achieved is possible for anyone. In that way even though you are really special to me, the place that you are can also be reached by anyone that is determined.

I would never want people to assume that you are some kind of elite Christian, and at a level that they can’t possibly reach. I would like all my followers to know that they can all speak to me, meet me face to face, come to heaven, meet Jesus, be led by the Holy Spirit, move in the gifts of the Spirit, meet and converse with angels and saints and more. There is so much that you walk in that is possible for other people. You speak of some of these things and pray a prayer for people in your book Waling under and Open Heaven.

I find that I really enjoy speaking to you. I know that you are not going to discard my words or treat them with contempt. It is important that you stay humble and close to me. It is important to me to visit with you and commune with you. I enjoy speaking to my friends. You have been a good friend to me. I love how you do what my Holy Spirit tells you to do. From the downloading of this album to siting down and typing this message, to planning to do as many messages in the next week or two for this book, I trust you to do what we tell you to do.

I will see that you achieve your life dreams as you do what I say to do from week to week. Just keep on following us, and we will see to it that you walk into your destiny. That goes for everyone that is reading also. Follow us and our leading and we will see that you achieve your life dreams.


Thank you Father. I will bid you goodnight.


Goodnight.  Matthew.