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Conversations with God-The Journey

Book 3 Message 9

The Journey.


How are you?


As you know I went and tried to sleep but couldn’t get to sleep. I was not tired enough yet to be able to sleep. I had an idea that we were going to have another conversation earlier tonight when we talked. And here we are now.


This subject is the journey. You have been on quite the journey with your life. Many people if they are interested in your life can read your memoir “His redeeming Love” You have had a challenging life so far. I guess you have had no choice than to press on.

You have certainly had the battle with hardship and sin in your life. You are still receiving healing so that you can cope better with life. The enemy really wanted to shut you down and stop you from being an effective minister of the Gospel.

I have always been looking on in your life. Through all the years of darkness and trouble, I was there and caring for you, even though you never spoke directly to me. You had a relationship with Jesus and through Jesus you were speaking to me. I am so happy that we can speak now and we are getting to know each other and we are growing closer and closer to each other.

I am so happy with your progress and the way that you keep on learning and reading. I love how you hunger and thirst for more of me and the supernatural. Sometimes you think of going back to being a new baby Christian and you think it is so good that you are where you are and not back there. I will look after the new Christians.

Following my son is never a boring adventure if you put your heart into it. I guess that not all teachers and pastors know how to educate and train their people. I am so glad that we have the Holy Spirit to teach people, to lead people and counsel people. The Holy Spirit is so kind, humble and such a gentle teacher.

You know from experience that the Holy Spirit will allow you to be deceived for a time and when the time is right he will show you the truth. People don’t understand it, but there can be so much growth and lessons learned from being deceived. In your life, you were deceived for 16 years once, thinking that you were one of the two witnesses of Revelation 11. You read the Bible a lot in those years. You read the books of the prophets so much. We allowed you to go through that. We had a reason or that. You grew to be a better person and you ended up becoming humble and teachable after all of that.

When you have been deceived and deluded for a time, you have the grace for other people that are in deception. The problem with many people who are being deceived is that they have pride issues that won’t allow them to see the truth.

But the Holy Spirit and us, know how to teach from every situation that our people find themselves in. For 16 years you thought it was going to be up to you to save the world and judge the world. In those 16 years we expanded your mind and allowed you to see what needs to be done with the world. Nothing in our kingdom is wasted. We use everything in a person’s life.

Yes, you have had a really funny life. It has been a different life. You have been led astray by familiar spirits, by false doctrine, by delusions of grandeur and yet here you are speaking to me. You are happy, content and hopeful and full of faith. You are a product of you past and you are stronger than ever. You have faith that I know what I am doing in your life.

You have no fear of being deceived as you know that even if you are, it will all work out for your good anyway (see Romans:828) You have complete confidence in us as people that can lead you. You have built up your faith to such a state that we can use you to say anything we want you to say. We can use you to interview saints that you don’t know anything about and you have the confidence that even though you don’t know anything about their lives, that they will speak the truth to you and you won’t be in error.

In all people’s lives we are weaving a fine tapestry and making something beautiful. We are working in people’s lives without them even knowing that we are working. Even people that are not pursuing us, we are pursuing them. We are marvellous and we have great plans for people even if they are not currently aware of it ( see Jeremiah 29:11)

We work to see perfection formed in believers. We work to see Christ formed in people. We work to grow them closer and closer to us. It can’t happen with one prayer or one service, or even one blog post or chapter in a book, but it can and does happen. We work to answer prayers of all the faithful mothers who have prayed for their children.

A son or daughter can stray for 25 years and get involved in drugs, alcohol and prostitutes and can live a total reprobate life and yet the mother’s prayers can eventually lead them back to us. Of course, not all come back to us, people after all have free will, but you would be surprised how many mother’s prayers that we answer.

You are result of your mother’s prayers Matthew. For many years she has been pouring her heart out to me over your life and now as she is old she is starting to see the wonderful fruits of her prayer starting to blossom. Imagine where you are going to be in ten or twenty years. You wrote His redeeming Love some years ago. People will read that in ten years and see where you came from. People will be in absolute shock when they see where you came from and what you went through.

Yes, life is a journey. It does not all happen at once or in one instant and everyone has hope to turn around and become something that brings me praise and honour. Everyone can do things that bring me glory. No matter who they are, no matter what sins that have been doing, no matter how deceived they have been, or how deceived they currently are, they can all bring me glory and I can be proud of them.


I am still learning to walk totally free of sin and this is so comforting to me to hear. I am so happy that I can bring glory to your name and be used to teach people, equip people and build them up even whilst Ii am work in progress.


You make me very happy. You have written 32 books as you write this post. Last month over 2000 people bought a book from you. You are doing a marvellous job of your life. Right now, you arranged your books to be made available to Barnes and Noble Stores and soon you wills see sales happening in them. You are a total joy to me. Once again you can see my crying. I receive so much joy reflecting on your life. You have not has an easy journey in your life, but you are making it into something really worthwhile and you are keeping some people really entertained with your books.

Can you imagine what might happen if you ever produced a best seller on the New York Times list? Can you imagine what would happen to all your book sales? Just think about that for a moment. How would your life change?

I love people so much. You are a person that is doing everything like we planned for it to happen. I would love everyone to walk in our will. I would love of people could hear us speak like we speak to you. I have so many things that I would love.

People are mistaken if they think that as God I get everything that I want. All of hurt in the world and all the abuse in the world is not my will. It is not my will for people to go to hell but I wish that all men would come to salvation. But because I gave men free will, I have to suffer the consequences of that freedom that I granted them. People like you, make me smile. My life is a whole lot more bearable when I have people obeying me and trusting me with their life.

I also enjoy people having faith in me no matter what is going on in their lives. I love it when people trust me no matter what hard thing they are going through. It makes my heart glad when people praise me when all hell is breaking loose around their life. I enjoy the praises of people when they could choose instead to be angry and upset with me. I love the faith of people who worship me and obey me despite the personal pain that they are in. I enjoy people like you my son.

Thank you for listening again today Matthew.


It was an honour. Have a wonderful day in heaven.


Bless you son.