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Conversations with God-Trouble

Book 3 Message 11



How are you doing today?


Once again it is in the middle of the night tonight. I am going to try and stay up today and get my sleep back to normal. It’s so funny for people to read. They must wonder when I am ever sleeping right.


Perhaps you sleeping cycle is an image of the normal Christian life. Perhaps people have got the Christian life all backwards and out of sorts. When they should be talking to us, perhaps they are relying on men and other things. I guess the people of God would enjoy having a relationship like you have. They would like your relationship to be “normal” for them.

I enjoy coming down to see you Matthew. It is so good to come and sit on your sofa and speak to you. I like how I can just be myself around you and I don’t have to be careful how I speak to you and speak through your doctrine or your beliefs to better communicate with you. I love how I can just share my heart with you and eventually your readers.


I would like to think that I make most people feel like that. I hope that I make most people feel comfortable to share what is on their mind. I am pretty open and pretty loving and I hope that I demonstrate grace wherever I go.

It is so good to hear, however, that you feel at ease to talk to me and be yourself. I would not want you to think that you have to speak like an Old Testament God. I enjoy you speaking to me in easy to understand down-to-earth language. I guess some people might not think that you can speak like this.


I am the same as any human. If you were talking about golf, you would have a certain language that you would talk in to another golfer. As a Christian, you talk to other Christians on different levels depending on their walk. If you were talking to a scientist and you were a scientist, you would talk in specific way.

You are a simple person. You like to speak simply and so I speak in your language and your words so that you can understand. I can talk to a golfer, I can talk to a theologian, and I can speak to a scientist, and no matter where a person is coming from, I can speak to them right where they are at. I know all things.


That is amazing. You know all things. I am not sure I would want to know all things. It seems too much responsibility would be involved in knowing all things. I am happy just to know what I know and to slowly increase in knowledge and understanding as time goes on.

I have had people comment to me that they enjoy to simplicity of your messages. In their simplicity they can be quite profound I guess.


There is great wisdom in keeping things simple. Jesus had simple parables and yet they are quite profound once you look into them. The trick is having the courage to be simple with the way that you communicate. Some people are so educated, they cannot help themselves from speaking in a complex way. That is fine, if your readers are also educated people, but it can be an issue for people like you to try and read.

I enjoy you because you are simple and you have no pretences. You have an amazing relationship with Jesus, one that is very rare, but you don’t boast in it, or try and make other people feel bad that they haven’t got the same relationship as you.

Some people, it is sad to say have pride and cannot help communicating with that pride. It has been many years and a lot of trials and tests but we have dealt with most of your pride. You have become this sweet ambassador of Jesus Christ to this world.

I want you to know that I enjoy you. This world has a lot of troubles and many people are in dire straits. There is so much trouble going around. It is really heart breaking to be God and have to see and experience all the heartache in the world. It really causes me a lot of pain. I suffer watching it all and having no way to help people often.

Can you imagine a father knowing that his young daughter has been abducted and is being used as a child prostitute? That would break the father’s heart to know that. But imagine if the father had to watch his daughter being abused and raped by men and was not able to do anything about it. That father would suffer so much anguish.

Well, Matthew, I am that father. I watch millions and millions of people being abused all day, every day. So many times the people who are being abused cannot be set free. Sometimes people are suffering and a Christian could reach out to them and help them, but the Christian doesn’t even acknowledge them or their suffering. What breaks my heart is that the world could have a whole lot less suffering in it, if the church and Christians weren’t so selfish with their money and how they choose the spend it, and yet they don’t ever seem to get the message.

People can be suffering right in front of their eyes and homeless and many of my people will not even look at them or acknowledge them and their suffering, let alone give them something to eat, or take them in.

I get overcome by the trouble and the suffering in the world. When people suffer, I suffer. I guess the people of God don’t really know that I suffer or else they might do something about it. I get so sad. According to many people, it is almost blasphemy for me to say that I suffer and I am sad. The concept people have of God does not include God weeping and getting down. They have this idea that heaven if full of praise and worship and I am joyful all the time.

That is why it is so refreshing for me to be able to some to earth and speak to you and not hold anything back. I don’t have to be anything special or twist your arm to listen to me. I don’t have to hide my feelings. We simply try to stay on one topic for each chat, so that there is some order to the book and yet you allow me to speak.


It breaks my heart to see you cry Father. It breaks my heart. I have to put this hurt in a compartment so I can handle it. There is so much hurt and trouble in this world because of religion and what the teachers have taught the people.

You are right. Most people would not have any concept that you are in pain and that you see the troubles that are in the world. In the world, we have two types of prophets speaking about the recent hurricanes in the USA. Some prophets say that it is your judgement and other say that you would never do that.

I am not going to ask you which is which, but I am saddened that not even your prophets can agree on your behalf. So many people have suffered because of the destruction and surely that must hurt you.


Yes, that is another whole topic, when my prophets are saying two different things. The actual people who are meant to have my ear on things cannot agree. That saddens me.

It also makes me upset that the teachers and pastors in the world teach garbage that I don’t have feelings like even a normal father. People not only suffer but they also think that I don’t really even care about their suffering.

Can you imagine how the victims of the hurricanes feel thinking that I sent them? It must break their heart to think that I did that. I am so happy that I have you that I can talk to and talk things through with. I am so happy to have you as my friend. I am excited that you make these conversations into books, so that you actually sit down and type them. Not only can you hear me speak, but other people can tune in and listen to what we have to say to each other.

I am not sure that you really understand how much I enjoy coming down to see you. I am growing deeper and deeper in love with you. You are really touching my heart. You will always be my friend. I will always be your friend. I enjoy speaking to you so much.

You have your new book coming out soon How to hear God’s voice  and I know that will help so many people start to have conversations with me. I am so happy about that. The book is going to produce a lot of good fruit. I am so very happy with you and the way you obey me and produce the books that I want.


Yes, that book has been a major work. That took me a lot of effort to do. Once again there was a lot of warfare around that. There seems to be substantial warfare around every book of mine. It seems that the enemy doesn’t seem to like the books that write.


That is because heaven is ordering them to be written. You have written enough for this post now. Thank you for listening to me. I really do love you. My love for you is growing more and more each time I visit you, and that is something the blind guides won’t understand either!

Bless you Matthew


By Dad.