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Conversations with God -Patience

Book 3 Message 12



How are you Matthew?


I am up in the middle of the night again. I have been sleeping funny. Well It’s not funny for me. It is back to front for most people. I am almost up in American time. I don’t worry about it too much anymore. If I worried about it, it would get to me and get me down.


I asked you to look up a scripture and post it here. Please put it here below.

James 1:2- 4 (NKJV)

2 My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, 3 knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. 4 But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.


I was only speaking to my mother about this verse the other day. I was telling her that I have been patient for a long time and so it must be having a good effect on me. I couldn’t remember what the verse said but I knew it said something good.


I have been molding you through patience Matthew. There are some things you have been waiting to happen, for as long as forty years. You have not opened doors of your own and yet you have cried many tears as you have wished you could be used.

You have wanted to preach for forty years. You have waited patiently for me to use you. Sometimes you get upset and wring your hands in frustration but I am using the situation to complete you and make you perfect in my love. Don’t you see that now?


I forgot that the verse said that patience perfected a person. I can see your wisdom now. I am also grateful that you are allowing my books to reach so many people now. Seeing my book reach 2000 people in a month is just the same as preaching in one way. I am having an impact on people.


One day I am going to use you to go from church to church and teach their people how to have dynamic relationships with me and Jesus and teach them how to move in the prophetic.

I have a lot for you to do. You just need to wait for me. I have my timing. I have the time where I want you to be released to the churches. There is work I need to do in the churches first and there is work I need to do in you first.

I need you to trust me. It is not that you have not got a great message but most churches are not so ready for what you will bring to them. Sadly, many pastors don’t want their congregations to be able to speak to me and be independent of them. That fact surprises you but it is true of many pastors who are threatened by congregations that are prophetic and hearing from me.

I am going to do a work and go before you and shift the hearts of individual pastors and have them start to look for people that can train their people. I am going to stir the hearts of the congregations to find you and your books and for them to ask their pastor to have you speak

You don’t have to really understand how it is going to work. One day you will be at home writing books and it will seem in the very next season you will be travelling all around to teach people how to hear from God and move in the prophetic.

You have been good at simply doing what I ask of you. You have endured the trials in your life and you have been patient. Even the way that you handle your sleep being messed up is commendable. You don’t really complain you just get on with your life and cope with it.

I really love you and everything about you. You have become a great man of God. One thing I will say of you is that you are very patient. You not only have waited to preach you have been waiting for your future wife. You have waited a long time for her. I admire you. I really love you. It was important that you didn’t have the wrong wife going forward. You need to have the right support in your life and ministry and not just a female to keep you sexually happy and comforted emotionally.

How would a wife cope with you giving your books away at 99 cents? Would she agree with you while you date and when you marry put pressure on you to put the prices up? How would a wife cope with your disability pension and you working full time for me? Would a future wife pressure you to get a job to bring in more income? Would she know that you whole life is devoted to me and ministry? As you can see it is going to take a very special woman to be with you and to work with you. What if we want her to minister with you also? That means she would need to be anointed also. There are many things that come into play when finding a wife for you. It’s not as simple as finding a single woman for you.

We are moving in your life and doing things. You may not see the movement. You may not see us moving in your life but even as you move away from addictions in your life, we are moving in you and for you. You are a total blessing to us. We are so happy with you. I want you to know that you please me so much and you encourage me that other people can become as close as you are also.

I guess for you it is hard sometimes to get your focus off ministry. If I told you no more Facebook for three months and I don’t want you to work on books for three months it would seriously impact you. I am not going to ask for that but as I had you type that you were panicking. I just use that to show that you are already in ministry and I am already using you to impact people. When you are forced to look at things like that, you can more readily see how I am using you and get some perspective.

It’s important that people are patient and find out what they are here for and why they are living. So many people don’t know why they are here. I had you address this in your book Finding your purpose in Christ. I hope that people read that book and use the advice in it to pursue the reason why they are here and start to do it in their lives. Life can be whole lot more wholesome and enjoyable if you know why you were created.


Yes, I don’t know how people manage without knowing what they are here for. It is so important. I don’t know how I would be coping if I didn’t know why I was here and know that I am called to be a prophet and a writer.

You scared me when you mentioned not posting on Facebook or writing for three months. I am glad that you were using it just to make your point. I can see your point now and I acknowledge it. You are right about my wife also. It is not a matter of just meeting a single woman. There is so much to consider.

I really enjoy speaking to you. I enjoy how you are involved in every aspect of my life. You speak into every aspect of my life and nothing that concerns me is too mundane for you. You have an idea and a way for me to do everything that I do. You are going to be with me as I go away on this ministry trip for four days. You are going to come and bring me comfort and have me be able to operate and be able to bless the people that have invited me. You have already spoken on that and my fears are not as large about it because you have spoken your peace into it.

Thank you for coming down and speaking to me today. Thank you for being with me through every part of my life. I want to bless you and praise your mighty name. I want the world to know that you are alive and powerful and a great help to all whom seek you. Good bye for today.


Goodbye Matthew.