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Jesus Speaking Today- The Hope

This is a post/chapter out of my book Jesus Speaking Today that is published on Amazon. This is Jesus speaking in this post

The Hope

Can you imagine just for a minute living your life in such a way that you excel at all that you were born to do? Can you see yourself becoming a powerful force in this world? If you were born to write, can you see yourself writing many books that affected many people? If you were born to paint, can you see yourself painting many great paintings and making a real name for yourself among people in the art world? Whatever you were born to do, you did it with excellence and before you died, you had far surpassed all of your expectations and dreams about your life. Do you live with such hope in your heart?

I was a mystical person and I taught in mystery. Most of My parables are not understood by people, even today with all of man’s knowledge. I spoke pretty clear and straight in the Sermon on the Mount between Matthew 5 and Matthew 7 and yet, as simple as what I said, few people do what I said to do. Many people dismiss My commandments as too hard to do and even teach others that they need not obey Me. People claim in songs that I am Lord of their life and yet, they don’t obey Me. My hope is that people would come to know Me, submit themselves to Me, and start to obey Me. My hope is that people would know My hope for them and live that, too.

Hope is an amazing force on the will of a man. Hope can send an army to flight. Hope can have a country recover from a major economic downturn. Hope can build a church from twenty people to twenty-five thousand people in a few years. Hope can cause the world to get more and more inventions and better ways of doing things. It is My hope that you seek Me to know what your purpose is, and that you start to live out your purpose. It is My hope that you would obey Me in all you do and say.