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My visits to the Galactic Council of Heaven

Book 2 Message 8


How are you today?


I have had a good night. I was going to go to bed after staying up all night and the Holy Spirit told me to get up and come out and have an encounter. I am fresh, I am happy and I am ready to ascend with you. It has been quite a while since I have ascended.


You ascended when you were in hospital and your heart was racing and they were worried about you. You came up to heaven to have a chat with us. We haven’t got a record of that conversation.

Okay let us ascend


I am welcomed into the arena and today there is a throne at the end of the table and God is seated there. I am overcome as the people in the room start to give me a hug, one after another. I am hugging each and shaking hands and all the while watching my Papa seated there. Moses wraps me in a bear hug and won’t let go of me. He has a lot of love for me.

I have been beaten up with life and trials of late and Moses responds to that in his hug.


I have been watching your struggles Matthew. I don’t miss anything when it comes to your life. I watched you overcome your latest temptation 2 hours ago and I was so proud of you. It’s been about 8 months that you have been free of pornography and you go quite a strong temptation to go back to it. We all watched you and you considered it and then decided to keep your record intact.

We are so proud of you when you overcome.

It is important that you know we love you for who you are and not what you do. Yes, you do an important job teaching people and guiding people through your books and comforting and building people up with the prophecies that you do, but it is not those things that have us love you.

We love you for who you have become. We love you because you have a pure heart. A gentile and a loving heart. You are a willing vessel that carries the presence of Jesus wherever you go. You are a really enjoyable person to know. But, we don’t love you for what you do and how you perform. We love you because you are a precious son. You are valuable and worthwhile. Satan is really trying to get you down and he is pulling out all the stops to try and stop you.

But we know that you are an overcomer and no matter what comes against you, you will persevere and triumph and walk in victory. And no matter what comes against you in struggle and trials you will turn it around to bring glory to Jesus and his love in your life.

I am so touched to see God come and see you today and weep when he spoke of his love for you. I also had God come and visit me on earth when I was there. It really is something else having the God of the universe turn up and speak to you face to face, like he does with you.


Yes, it is remarkable and humbling. I get so affected when he cries when he speaks of his love for me.

I had a friend once, when I was leaving him for the last time, I broke down and cried that I wasn’t able to win him to Christ. He asked why I was crying and I told him that I was crying because I wasn’t able to convert him and I loved him. He told me that my tears had said so much more to him that day then any of my words about the Christian faith I stood for.

Now, on the last couple of visits, God has cried when he told me that he loves me. It means so much to me.

(I look over to where God is sitting and tears are rolling down his face. I look around the room and everyone is crying and I tend to get afraid that something bad is going to happen to me.)


It’s not that something bad is going to happen to you. We all love you Matthew and we all miss you coming here. We are overcome with love for you. You are fearing your blood results today thinking the worst. I want you to tell you right now, even if you hear a bad report, you will endure it and overcome it.

Life for you has not been an easy ride. The saints here have seen your struggle over the past few months. We saw your heart trouble and your hospital admission. We saw the problem with your sin life. We see how you struggle and all we want to do is embrace you and pour out our love on you.

You are precious to us.

(Each of the people in the room get to their feet and come and line up behind each other and come and give me another hug. I endured the first round of hugs without tears but now I am crying)

John the Apostle:

I love you so much Matthew. I don’t know many preachers that quote me as much as you do. You seem to hold onto my words like they are something special.

You are so special to me. Do you know what it means to me to see my words spoken about with such love and dexterity? Do you know what it means to me for me to preach to the people of God again through you?

I want to come down to your house and be interviewed by you for the Divine Revelation series. I want to come after Mary Magdalene and Diana. I want to speak to the world and I want to speak through you. I want to tell the world what I want to tell them.

Do you know how much you inspire heaven with your life?


No I confess that I don’t know. I know without you guys from heaven my life would be very lonely. I speak to you saints all the time. I hope one day my life will be free from sin.

John The apostle

You are very courageous. You have been through so much and you have so much pain that has needed to be healed. It’s like your foot has been crushed and you are trying to walk without a limp. First let the Holy Spirit fix the injury and then we will see perfection.

I am so proud of you. Jesus loves you so much. You should see the love in his eyes when he speaks of you. You can see the smile on his face as I speak.

Have a look at the face of our Father and see his tears. Don’t those tears tell you something?

There is something about a person who is being faithful to do everything that that they know to do with pure abandon. There is something that is different about you. You have no agenda with what you do. You simply obey the Holy Spirit and you do everything that you are told by him. You don’t try to be popular. You are not overbearing and preaching doom and gloom to the followers of you on social media, though you could. You are very encouraging and uplifting in most of the posts that you do.

You don’t try to hide anything from your readers or your followers. They see everything that you are going through. They see you warts and all. You don’t have an agenda to be better than who you really are. You don’t hide anything. All is said and done as the Holy Spirit leads you.

You don’t harass Jesus and the Father with prayers and storm heaven and demand that your prophecies be fulfilled and soon. You are humble and patient and you have faith in the Lord that he has the right timing and will open doors for you in the right time and promote you when the conditions are right for you. You don’t complain and you are generally a very productive and happy person. You are a real joy to watch

We have spoken long enough. This post is long enough. You are a real joy to watch and be a friend of. Your keep resting and relaxing. Don’t let life get you down too much. Relax and rest in God and allow heaven to encourage you. You really are on the right path.

God bless you.


Are you ready to leave?


(We leave heaven and it’s a jolt to come back to earth. I am happy I have been really encouraged today.)

Thanks Bob


See you later Matthew. Have a good day.