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Having the name of a prophet who has ministered personal prophecy for people for a number of years is a very precious thing. When you go to a prophet and he delivers a timely and relevant personal prophecy regarding your life and your situation it is wonderful. I personally have a prophet that I go to for my personal prophecies and I am always happy to get them. His name is Jeremy Lopez and the donation that you need to make for your personal prophecy is $40 US.

Sometimes even when you are used to hearing from God, it can be very helpful to have another person hear for you. As a prophet, I do not encourage people to become dependant on myself, but I know the real substantial benefit that can be had from having a prophet that I can go to when I feel I need a personal prophecy or direction in life.

A Little about me.

I was born again at the age of eight in a Baptist church. From that early age, I had Jesus Christ as my friend. First of all, my mother had us memorise and recite a new scripture verse each week. After some time, Jesus began to be able to lift my spirit from time to time by placing a scripture in my mind. Soon enough at church I knew a lot of songs that we used to sing and Jesus started to speak to me both with memory verses that I had learned and though songs that I knew. Years later I read a book on how to hear Jesus speak and learned to hear Jesus speak to me in clear sentences. At that age between 24 and 27 I drove a taxi and Jesus would often give me a message to give one of my passengers. I often saw them cry when I gave them a message. Now in December 2015, I am 48 years of age and I have been givng people messages from Jesus for over 20 years.

Ten years ago I started a prophetic website where I would give people a personal prophecy via email and four years ago I started a Facebook group called Personal Prophecy Group where we offered free prophecies to people who requested one. Today I run a Facebook group called Prophetic Training Group where I train people how to hear from God and allow them to gain experience in giving personal prophecies to each other. I still give free personal prophecies in that group from time to time.

For the last ten years I have been a member of the Salvation Army Church called Streetlevel in Surry Hills,Sydney Australia and enjoy a great relationship with my pastor there. I am allowed to minister to anyone in the church via a personal prophecy without prior approval of the prophecy by my pastor. I am under a covering and everything I do is supported by my pastor.

To Request a Prophecy

We now have four prophets to request a prophecy from.

You can choose between myself at $30 AUD or Robin Gann at $25 USD or Dr. Donna Webber at $25 USD or Nicola whitehall at $20 NZD.

If you want to donate $30 Australian to me for a prophecy, simply go to the donate button below and click it. Please fill out the Note to Seller with your sex and your first name when you order a prophecy from me. Each prophecy you request will be $30 Australian.

If you want to give me more than $30 please go to the Support my Ministry page and donate via paypal there, putting in your amount that you want to bless me with, and a note to seller that says your name, your sex, and the fact that you want a personal prophecy.

What you can expect.

Each prophecy request that I receive has me reply within 24 hours with an email saying when your prophecy will be due. When I do your prophecy, i will be sending you an audio recording about ten minutes long to the email address that your Paypal account is registered to. I feel that ten minutes is quite a while to listen to. If you want to have the prophecy typed up so you can read it, you can go to fiverr.com and have a typist there type it up. If you want your prophecy sent to a different email from your Paypal registered email, please write the email that you want it sent to in the “Note To Seller box in your request.


It is important to me that people make the effort to send me some feedback on their prophecies. I realise that some of my prophecies can be overwhelming and profound and this can leave you with a loss for words, but I do hope when you compose yourself that you can at least write to me and say that the prophecy touched you.

Here is a link to a Facebook page where you can read some of the better feedback that I have received this year. https://www.facebook.com/matthewrobertpayneprophecies/

No Spam

You can rest easy in the knowledge that just because I have your email address, I won’t be sending you weekly emails trying to get you to buy one of my books or to request another prophecy like so many people do these days. I am going to make a practice of following up each of the people I prophesy over within six months, just to check that the prophecy was correct and has been unfolding in your life.

I look forward to serving you.

It is my hope that you have looked over this website and you are happy with what you have read and you are ready to request a prophecy. Please remember to write in the “Note to Seller” your sex and your first name. If you go to the “Support my Ministry” page and give a larger donation for your prophecy, please include also on the note to seller that you want to request a prophecy. Many people who support my ministry simply use that button to give me support.

You can now request a prophecy from Robin Gann

I was raised in a Christian home but it was very religious. My parents believed in the Holy Spirit but not the supernatural as in things like prophesy. They just believed that you get a feeling and that would be the end. I got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 2010 and quickly knew that I was different than anyone I knew before. Then, I got connected with a great bunch at my home church and started learning why I was different. God started me out with things that I could see in others’ lives and some supernatural encounters with Angels and a witchdoctor. I could see things in the spirit just as I could see things in the natural. As my vision of the supernatural grew stronger, I started being able to see body parts and then other things that were wrong on the inside of a person medically. I could see things like tumors, cancer, spots, blood clots among many other things. God has even showed me someone’s sore toe lol. I have some that call me God’s chosen Doctor now but I assure you that I have no MD. I just want to see people with God’s eyes.

God called me as a Prophet to the nations about 5 years ago and said that I have been in training all my life. I have now been seated in that seat. God will sometimes open up a person and reveal them as if I am reading a book or looking at someone in the spirit that I have never seen. I then, can describe the person and their environment down to the color of the curtains in the room. God gives me very specific information about people’s lives. I know now that the full reason that God is revealing these things to me is that He wants to draw people that are hurting and in need of revelation to Himself. I understand that pain myself and I want to let people know that He is a very good Father and a powerful God! He wants you to hear from Him yourself as well. I am willing to impart to anyone that God leads me to impart to. If you choose me for a word from God, all I ask is that you open yourself to receive what He wants to point out in you. If you come to me for healing, know that there may be some things that must be moved out of the way before you are able to be healed and I trust the Lord to point those things out. Then your healing will come. I thank God for you and your desire to hear from Him.

I am an ordained minister and I am 501C3 certified. The name of my ministry is Butterfly Ministries International. I am on Facebook and I will have my Website up in a couple weeks. I will make sure a link is provided to you as soon as it is up and running. If you would like to support me in this ministry and help me be able to travel to different countries all over the world to spread the gospel and touch people for Jesus, please go to my facebook page and donate to help support our great commission that is given us by Jesus.

To request a prophecy off Robin Gann please donate 25 dollars US by clicking on the PayPal button below


Prophecy Feedback

I thank God for the timing of His word spoken into our lives. Robin’s prophecy was ordained by God and highly confirmational. She told us of things that God had been speaking to us about but we were hesitant to proceed with. We are definitely moving forward at this time.

She especially opened my eyes to how God feels about me and how much He loves me and reassured me about the call that God has on my and my husband’s life.

She has the heart of God to help people and is anointed to bring people to a place of peace without losing the edge that God has given her to prophesy to his people.

I met Robin at exactly the right time in my life. I now have confirmation (by way of Robin’s prophecy through the word of God) on my calling, my husband’s calling, a move to another state, a mentorship that only God could have ordained, and much more confirmed things.

She helped me in the area of confidence within myself and in my believing that God speaks to and through me. I now know (because of the encouragement of Robin) that I HAVE discerned things and I know by faith that God IS transitioning us as He pulls us closer and closer to Him during this season.

Robin has always been completely accurate when speaking into our lives and is very humble. Her heart is to speak only God’s word and she is very much against conjuring up a word for your satisfaction. That’s why I love the God in her.

Thank you, Robin, for your obedience to God and your desire to see His people set free!

Your sis in Christ,
R. G.

To support Robin, a single mother who God has called to full time ministry, please donate any amount below, or see this page of her other ministry services that you can use her for https://personal-prophecy-today.com/robin-gann-services.


You can now request a prophecy from Dr. Donna Webber

Dr. Donna Webber hails from Kingston, Jamaica. Donna grew up in the church from birth, in the care of her devout Christian parents. In due course, realizing her need for a Savior, she surrendered her life to the Lord, Jesus Christ, at a tender age of 12 years old, and found her niche in His service; serving and participating in the Sunday School, Choir, Young People’s Ministry, Diaconate, Marriage, and General Counseling Ministries, and in a very special way, as the Director and Presenter of the Radio Ministry “Morning Dew.”

Donna is married to Elder Errol Webber; the union produced three loving, God-fearing children, Tremaine, Errol Jr. and Lorenzo. Often, she traveled with her husband, ministering amongst the branch Churches associated with the Church organization; a responsibility that regularly took the family away from their home Church. On those occasions Donna ministered (along with her husband) to the pastors and saints of these churches with her teaching, exhorting and counseling.

After the birth of her second child, this vivacious, passionate, loving, focused Donna Webber resigned her job as a registered nurse, and operated a successful home-based business for several years, which allowed her to give more attention to her growing family. It was during this time that she also decided to pursue studies in Christian Counseling, to undergird what she was already doing at her home church. She matriculated at Andersonville Theological Seminary in Camilla, Georgia, and received her doctoral degree in Christian Counseling with the highest distinction.

Dr. Donna Webber, redeemed child of God, wife, mother, fervent intercessor, counselor, confidant, sales consultant and realtor, has played a pivotal role in the nurturing and stability of her family. She and her husband were privileged to have received, among other recognitions, a certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Leadership and Appreciation for faithful service from their home church, Pentecostal Gospel Temple (PGT).

As a volunteer, Donna encouraged and mentored teenage boys on a weekly basis, at the Maryland Youth Residence Center (MYRC) along with her husband. Among other things, Donna is a repository of truth that drives her with unstoppable passion, as a guardian of the faith that we hold so dearly. Her internet ministry “Dare to Hope” has grown into the thousands, with followers who have expressed to her how extremely blessed, inspired, encouraged, and changed they are, by her faith-filled, joyful, inspiring Blog, Tweets and Facebook posts.

Donna has also had advance training in the Prophetic, with Father’s Heart Minstry, equipping her, to be more sensitive, attuned and alert, in hearing and obeying the Father’s voice in her life, especially in this hour of the Church.

This gracious, compassionate woman of God is an exemplar of dedication in service to God, her family, and to her fellow man. Her lifelong commitment towards spiritual and moral fortitude and growth of all within her sphere of influence, has been underpinned by her deep Christian convictions, values, and principles from her early childhood, and is sustained by the grace of God, the Holy Spirit, and God’s word, coupled with her strong faith and determination to please and honor her Papa God.

It was evident that Donna would be an author; she felt the need to write what God puts in her heart. She wrote brochures and a booklet for our church, Pentecostal Gospel Temple (PGT). Donna later became the director and a presenter of the church’s radio program, “Morning Dew,” which afforded her the avenue to express herself, with her writings and presentation of spiritual articles, along with selected appropriate music for this weekly program.

Donna’s dream and strong desire to write for God intensified after migrating to America in August 2002, which ultimately unfolded into this most enlightening, stirring, empowering, faith-filled, Holy Spirit-led book, “Royal Design.”

This zealous woman of wisdom, Donna, prays a whole lot, and has always been an ardent and joyous intercessor for years. Donna loves people and is very passionate about soul-winning. She fervently prays for our cities, nations, governments, families, salvation of souls, and other things the Lord reveals to her and lays on her heart.

Donna’s passionate pursuit of God increases, the more she experiences, answered prayers, plus supernatural manifestations of God in her life, her family, and even with others. She strongly believes that there is absolutely no limit to what our Mighty, Incredible God can and will do, in, for, through and among us, as we make the choice to trust and obey Him, as a lifestyle.

Donna’s life motto is, “To honor and bring great joy to her Papa God, with a lifestyle of love and exuberant joy, as she follows His directives, on her divine journey of faith with King Jesus.”

If you want to tell Donna, your sex, your age and the email you want your prophecy sent to, please contact her at her email address donna.webber@hotmail.com. Any other queries should be sent to her there as well.

To request your own personal prophecy from Donna, please sow $25 USD by clicking on the PayPal button below.



You can now request a prophecy off Nicola Whitehall

Hi, my name is Nicola Whitehall, and I am able to type out a personal prophecy for you of about one A4 page length. for a suggested donation of $20 New Zealand Dollars.

As a beginner prophet, I have been giving people prophesies since about September 2015 and people have reported back to me how accurate and encouraging they were. I was saved in 1990 at the age of 18 coming out of an anorexic illness and have been seeking hearing the Lord’s voice for myself and others since about 2005.

Having suffered serious illness for the last 28 years, I understand people who have gone through suffering and abuse of different kinds. I am a creative person which is something which has been a life-line for me for expressing my emotions. I taught dance and have performed with a Christian dance group since 2001, having performed my own choreographed dances, and other’s dances which tell stories of how God has worked in my life.

Over the last few years I have been working on a semi-autobiographical novel which details how God and Christian therapy brought healing in my life. I will post the link to my authors website in the future. I have a certificate in Christian Studies and in Christian Ministries, and have an online diploma in Creative Writing. I have also volunteered for Arts Access Aotearoa interviewing and writing articles about artists, musicians, dancers, comedians, actors, and others who despite their disabilities express themselves creatively.

My heart is for people to hear God’s voice in conversations for themselves and use prophecies from others as confirmation, encouragement and guidance, but to primarily have their own living, loving relationship with the King of the Universe. I pray for and have an interest in helping the sexually trafficked and abused someday.

In your prophecy request please Include the name of the person the prophecy is for, their age, gender and email. It would mean a lot to me and would be a great help if you have feedback, either good or bad, to send it to me. If you can’t do it on your paypal request send the information via email to me at Nicolawhitehall777@gmail.com

Please request a prophecy by clicking the PayPal button below and filling out your amount. I suggest a donation of $20 New Zealand dollars, but if you want to bless me with more, please donate what you feel led to give me. If you can’t afford $20 right now, please put the amount you feel led to give.