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About Robin Gann

I was raised in a Christian home but it was very religious. My parents believed in the Holy Spirit but not the supernatural as in things like prophesy. They just believed that you get a feeling and that would be the end. I got saved and filled with the Holy Spirit in 2010 and quickly knew that I was different than anyone I knew before. Then, I got connected with a great bunch at my home church and started learning why I was different. God started me out with things that I could see in others’ lives and some supernatural encounters with Angels and a witchdoctor. I could see things in the spirit just as I could see things in the natural. As my vision of the supernatural grew stronger, I started being able to see body parts and then other things that were wrong on the inside of a person medically. I could see things like tumors, cancer, spots, blood clots among many other things. God has even showed me someone’s sore toe lol. I have some that call me God’s chosen Doctor now but I assure you that I have no MD. I just want to see people with God’s eyes.

God called me as a Prophet to the nations about 5 years ago and said that I have been in training all my life. I have now been seated in that seat. God will sometimes open up a person and reveal them as if I am reading a book or looking at someone in the spirit that I have never seen. I then, can describe the person and their environment down to the color of the curtains in the room. God gives me very specific information about people’s lives. I know now that the full reason that God is revealing these things to me is that He wants to draw people that are hurting and in need of revelation to Himself. I understand that pain myself and I want to let people know that He is a very good Father and a powerful God! He wants you to hear from Him yourself as well. I am willing to impart to anyone that God leads me to impart to. If you choose me for a word from God, all I ask is that you open yourself to receive what He wants to point out in you. If you come to me for healing, know that there may be some things that must be moved out of the way before you are able to be healed and I trust the Lord to point those things out. Then your healing will come. I thank God for you and your desire to hear from Him.

I am an ordained minister and I am 501C3 certified. The name of my ministry is Butterfly Ministries International. I am on Facebook and I will have my Website up in a couple weeks. I will make sure a link is provided to you as soon as it is up and running. If you would like to support me in this ministry and help me be able to travel to different countries all over the world to spread the gospel and touch people for Jesus, please go to my facebook page and donate to help support our great commission that is given us by Jesus.

Services Offered

Prophesy – I have a desire for everyone to hear the voice of the Lord just as well if not better than I do. I will be as faithful as possible to listen and see if there is anything I can hear on your behalf from God. For a prophesy please request one on https://personal-prophecy-today.com/request-a-prophecy.

Teach prophesy – I teach people what I know so far about hearing from the Lord and also how to have the much desired intimacy with the Father. I have several different things that can be taught but they are all centered around prophesy for now until the Lord releases me for the other things to teach. Please email me at butterfly5200833@gmail.com for group or individual sessions on learning prophesy.

Life Coach – Most of us need direction and a little extra help understanding thing that are going on in life as we grow in the Lord. I have been through many experiences in life that has taught me on the fast track in the spirit. God told me before that He has trained me quickly because there is such a need in this world of people that won’t kick someone when they are down or in need of understanding. Some one that will help lead others to Him and their purpose in life. If you need someone, I will be here for you to call on. Please email me at butterfly5200833@gmail.com to setup a time for a session.

Physical Healing – Some call me God’s chosen Doctor. I am not a doctor but I do see things on a medical level. God has let me see people on the inside very clearly. I can even see muscles aches and broken bones or even sore toes. Whatever God wants me to see is what I can see. He also shows me things that may be standing in the way of your healing. For instance, unforgiveness, offence, grudges or vows to name a few. I also see others emotional needs. I am still amazed that we have a Father that will reach so deep inside us and pull out those things that keep us from having intimacy with Him. For physical healing email me at butterfly5200833@gmail.com.

Finances – I have gone through some financial struggles that I didn’t think I would ever be able to resolve. Then, I asked the Lord why I had to go through all of that when I was being faithful to what He blessed me with. I worked hard and tried to do what was right with the money and I still couldn’t get anywhere. The Lord spoke to me and said that it was not His desire that anyone have the mind of poverty or to live that out. That changed my life. From then God has taught me how to come out of that darkness and into His marvelous light! I am now free of the poverty mindset! My Father owns the cattle on a thousand hills…what do I have to worry about. He owns it all including me! I will teach you all I know so that you can be free too. To receive mentoring with your financial struggles email me at butterfly5200833@gmail.com.

Mentor (spiritually and naturally) – I have survived many things spiritually and learned how to walk without hanging my head in defeat. I have also survived 5 teenagers and all of their little teen friends. God has allowed me to be available as a mentor to those of you that just need someone, a person that cares and will help them with solutions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Jesus has given me divine knowledge about life’s circumstances and situations that people are walking in. If you want a mentor to help boost you where you are going, please do contact me at butterfly5200833@gmail.com.

Support Robin

Africa trip to Rwanda on October 30th to November 10th. Looking for financial partners. Thank you for your generous donation!