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Visit Heaven

UPDATE:  The secret of God’s kingdom is His ability to duplicate any gift or any experience. Robin Gann is now leading the tours of Heaven. She is a natural seer and has run group trips to Heaven before. Robin will take you to heaven and help you have the encounter you desire. And give you the keys to go back to heaven anytime by yourself. You should not look at this experience with Robin as a one-off experience. You should look at this experience as the beginning of a new lifestyle.


Imagine what it would be like to visit heaven and see your mansion. Picture yourself walking through the city of heaven, seeing the Crystal Sea or meeting the Father and Jesus in the Throne Room and being given gifts and presents.

You might have read books about other people’s visits to heaven.You felt in your heart that you have the faith to visit heaven but have not yet personally enjoyed this beautiful experience.

Years ago, the Holy Spirit taught me how to take people to heaven. I have spiritually held people’s hands and taken them to heaven. So far, I have not had one person who wanted to go who was not able to see heaven. It is as though their faith combines with mine, and we have a shared vision of heaven together.

In November 2016, at the direction of the Holy Spirit, I spent some time taking three people to heaven via a Skype call. Each of these people knew I could help open up heaven for them. They had the childlike faith to try, so we saw them enter heaven and have a look around.

I know that if you take a trip, you will benefit from this rewarding experience. My time is valuable to me. As such, I pondered setting a specific price and asking for a set donation, yet I feel led to let the readers choose the price that they believe they should pay.

The process will take 10 to 30 minutes to connect on Email and exchange Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook contact details and schedule a time for a Skype/WhatsApp/Facebook or phone call (USA only). The actual visit to heaven will also take up to an hour.

Take the following steps if you are interested:

  1. Email Robin Gann at butterfly5200833@gmail.com.
  2. Tell me in the email or message that you want to go to heaven
  3. Use the paypal link below to give what the Holy Spirit leads you to with a minimum of $50 USD.

Once we have made these arrangements, I will do my best to make you comfortable and take you on your first memorable visit to heaven. I will be directing the visit via the Holy Spirit, so we will only be able to do what the Holy Spirit wants to do. You can submit requests for places to see, but we will first go to two or three places that the Holy Spirit wants you to encounter.


If we go through the process, and we don’t have a successful visit so that you see heaven, I will refund your money via PayPal. I might have some homework for you before we try to visit heaven again.


I have  set places in heaven that I take you to first—open portals (your mansion, your property or the throne room) that allows us access to heaven. You will need to remember what one of these portals looks like in your mind so that you can access heaven again via the portals for any future visits to heaven.

What to do next

Give as the Lord leads you. Please keep in mind that you can save up to give before you actually go to heaven.


To support Robin Gann’s ministry activities please give below.


Testimonies from previous trips

I had the experience of a lifetime when Craig Beeson took me to Heaven to see my mansion! I had actually seen the outskirts of it before, but nothing clear or specific. Craig simply prayed and asked me if I wanted to see it!! YESSSS!! Jesus accompanied us and I immediately was standing outside my mansion!! With Jesus next to me, I could clearly see the magnificent stairs leading to the front door. It was beautifully trimmed in gold. Jesus politely leaned forward and opened the door for me to enter. The entry was magnificent and with marble floors that gleamed yet were soft and “cushiony” with a translucent effect; really indescribably. The entry then had two wide-arched steps leading into the main portion of that room with a see-through fireplace giving a peek into the room beyond, which was a large gathering room, beautifully decorated with lots of red accents. A gorgeous grand piano was facing the room from a back corner of the back wall which was solid glass giving a magnificent view of the beach and ocean in my backyard!!

I later met my family, including a sister who died when she was only a few days old who now appears to be 8 or 9. She played the piano and sang beautifully. The entire family gathered around the piano and sang, and of course Jesus was laughing and singing with us!! Oh, I cried when Jesus escorted me out, but He assured me that I could come back and visit as often as I like, and I have!! Many more details, but mostly a huge “Thank You, God Bless YOU,” to Craig Beeson for using his amazing gift of bringing us to visit and love on our Heavenly Father whenever we want. I was amazed that Father God and Jesus actually WANT us to visit and take such delight in sharing such incredible heavenly “secrets” with us, our beloved kids!! Thank you again, Craig!!

Jennifer Reedy

I literally had one of the best days of my life as a result of my first visit to Heaven with Craig. I honestly wasn’t really sure what to expect as I had heard about people doing these kinds of things and I REALLY wanted to do this as well, but just felt out of the loop when it came to these types of things.

But Craig made the whole experience fun and very lighthearted, which is really what I needed. After dealing with sickness and much misery for many years, I felt so happy after my Heaven trip with Craig. I had felt more hope and excitement afterwards then I can remember in probably 20 years or more. Jesus kept handing me all these cool gifts and items and one of them I continued to use after our meeting with led to more amazing heavenly and spiritual engagements.

What I loved though is how Craig allowed me to see and hear as much as I could, but then if I got stuck or if I wasn’t sure what Jesus was saying he acted as the go-between and would then have Jesus help answer questions or encourage me about things through Craig. So not only was the Heaven part totally awesome, but Craig is one of the coolest, nicest, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met and that just made the whole experience so comfortable and a lot of fun.

I’d highly recommend going on a trip to Heaven with Craig. That literally caused me to have one of the best days of my life!

Lance Gross

My husband and I had never experienced visiting heaven before and we were a little questionable when we spoke with Craig about it. Craig was very kind to take the time and share a few testimonies and we were intrigued. The first time we visited the strategy room and the throne room, it was powerful. My husband could not see and needed me to tell him what was going on. However, during that visit the Lord breathed on his eyes and told him that he would see. Now, it’s been twice more that we have visited heaven and he sees with greater degree with every visit. We are thankful that we had this experience and appreciate Craig for sharing about this very personal way to experience the Lord.

Diana & John Jamerson


How to give a tour of Heaven
Note: I wrote this guide for other people to give tours. You can read to get an idea of what you would experience

Usually they are a little anxious, nervous or excited. I ask if they have any questions and answer whatever they ask. I always tell them no one has had a bad trip with me. Everyone is touched by the presence of God and all the love and encouragement they get from the Trinity. I lead us in prayer and then we are ready to start!

Once I’m on the phone with them I can sense Jesus holding my left hand. Jesus comes and picks us up in a chariot. Sometimes the person can sense his presence or feel him holding their right hand.

We travel through the heavens to the Golden gates of paradise and go through to the landing port

Holy Spirit greets us with angels and cheering relatives. The person talks to Jesus and Holy Spirit. If they don’t know how to hear, I listen for them and tell them what Jesus and Holy Spirit say.

We walk down the road to the throne room. You can give them the option of taking the route through the throne room city or through nature. I describe everything for them. Jesus appears as a lion walking with us symbolizing the lion and the lamb (lamb being brought to his Father). We see the giant doors to the throne room going into the sky.

We walk into the throne room. I describe it to them. Some people can sense all the activity around them as we walk through the room to the steps up to the throne.

We arrive at God on his throne. Jesus is back to his normal body. Most people stand in front of God. Only a few run and jump on his lap. Sometimes he asks people standing to come sit on his lap. God talks to them. If they can’t hear him then God lets me hear what he’s saying to them and I repeat it so they can hear. Once they are finished talking to God we leave to visit their mansion and property.

Usually Jesus leads us to their property. If the person is best friends with either God or Holy Spirit then their best friend will lead this part.

I always ask what they want for a mansion and property first. It’s easier when they can describe it to me before I have to engage and figure what I’m seeing. Once we are at the mansion almost everyone can see some of it and their property even if they couldn’t see anything before.

At their mansion there is usually a favorite thing that sticks out to them. Also usually there is an activity they like to do with their favorite member of the trinity. I tell them they can engage anytime and do that activity. Sometimes the trip ends here.

Other times there is a relative or child at their mansion to meet them. Or I sense to ask them if they want to meet a Bible character. Usually Jesus brings the person to them. I tell them to turn and see Jesus with the Bible Saint or family member. They talk to the person for a bit.

If we have time we go to the strategy room. Jesus takes us and an angel hands them items. I always ask them what they are handed. Normally I don’t see or hear anything. They see or sense what is being given to them. I help them ask followup questions about the items.

At this point sometimes God has asked that they come back and stay with him at the throne. The rest of the time I normally leave them with Jesus (or God/Holy Spirit if they are best friends) doing their favorite activity. People will stay engaged for hours after I’m off the phone/skype/whatsapp with them.

Most trips take between 40 minutes to one hour.