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For going on twenty years I ministered in the prophetic for free and did up to 20,000 personal prophecies for people. I would say in that time that about 8,000 were for Christians who requested a personal prophecy from a website that I ran, and about 12,000 were for strangers in the streets of my city where I was doing Prophetic Evangelism. In July 2014 I requested a personal prophecy from Jeremy Lopez and he gave me a directional word that said I was going to pursue a business venture. It was then that the Lord put it on my heart to start to request that people give me a minimum donation if they wanted a personal prophecy.

Today in my local church, I still deliver personal prophecies to people as the Lord lays it on my heart. Today I still witness to people on the streets of my city by giving them a personal prophecy for free, but when it comes to requests for ministry over the Internet, I ask that people give me a minimum donation of $30 Australian ( or about $22.00 US)

As I have shared, I have done many personal prophecies, and over time I ministered to many thousands of people for free. One thing seemed to upset me in the church, that people seemed to think because you were a prophet that they could simply approach you to prophecy over them. A couple of times in the past ten years I got burned out and I got to stage where I really resented people approaching me for a prophecy, and so besides by prophetic training group I simply refused to do prophecies for people who approached me on the Internet. For over a year I would simply refuse to do personal prophecies for anyone online that requested them.

As I have shared it already in July 2105 I received a directional word off Jeremy Lopez that said God was going to move me into business. This was so relevant to me as to get a ministry tax free status in my country required a whole lot of paperwork that was simply beyond me. So in July 2015 I started a website and started to finance my ministry through it.

Now this is my second website, as the first one I started in July 2105 got hacked and had to go offline.

I personally spend nearly all the money that I raise through prophetic word requests self publishing books that are blessing the people that read them. I do my best to make my eBooks cheap and my purpose for being a writer isn’t to be wealthy but to equip the body of Christ. You can be comforted in the knowledge that the money you donate to my ministry will be being used to bless many other people.

I have many friends on Facebook and you may be surprised to find that since I have started asking for donations for my prophetic words that they have been very supportive and not only requested prophecies for a donation but many of them have gone to my donation page to give no strings attached donations to my ministry. I encourage you to go to my book page and check out the books that people are ordering from Amazon each month off me.

I pray that you have heard my heart in this matter and you can choose to support me through a donation or requesting your personal prophecy.