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Conversations with God

Book 3 Message 4

Glorify Me


How are you going today?


I have a back to front sleeping pattern. I am awake half the night and sleeping in during the day. I am trying not to let it get to me.


It is so good to see you and speak to you. It has been quite a while since you sat down and spoke to me. It has been a really long time, yet you have spoken to my son quite a lot in these times.

I put a longing in your heart today to speak to me. I like to direct your paths. I like to lead you what to do. You are in a tender place. You have a book about hearing me speak that is proving hard to do and that has you concerned. You are constantly having to rest in me and draw on my strength through the Holy Spirit. Your life is a continual walk of patience.

Things don’t always come easy to you. Just like now, you are waiting on other people to complete the books that you are working on. This frustration that you have has to be brought to us.

Can you imagine just how we feel about the world? Can you imagine for our will to be done on earth we have to rely on other people? You are waiting on your friend Craig, your editor Lisa and you typist to type and yet we are waiting on millions and millions of people to do what we want them to do.

You run to us for comfort to deal with the frustration, who do we run to with ours? Have you ever thought about that? I have Jesus to convey my feelings with and we have a few saints up here that can help shoulder some of our burden, but life, even for us, can be hard.

I don’t think people consider that about us. I don’t think people really understand our feelings and what we go through. You need patience and you are just dealing with three people, and we have millions, even billions, that we are waiting on.

I needed to speak to you today. I needed to share my heart with you. I need a friend. I need you to think about the bigger picture. The three books that the three people are having an effect on, are going to touch many lives. Yet, I want to touch the whole world and bring them to my son’s cross.


I am happy that I came to see you today. Don’t cry Father. Your tears touch me.


I need the people of the world to know that I hurt also. I need people to consider what I go through. I need people to get to know me and come and be my friend. I need more friends.


Craig wants to teach people how to be your friend. I hope he does a great job. I hope that he brings a lot to you. I only have a small reach now. There is not a lot of people reading these books of mine. I wish that I could speak to the world for you. I wish I could teach others how to feel like I do. I wish I could teach people how to glorify you with their lives.

The world can be so hard to live in. There are so many things going on. There are so many concerns that people have. There is not many people that think of you all the time and who live their lives in order to do your will.


You are just a little person. You are just a one talent person but you have really put that talent to work. Your life is a miracle and it testifies of me. People really love you and are touched by how far that you have come.

You have overcome so much. You struggled all your life with certain sins and now they are in the past. You failed English at school and yet here you are a writer who is publishing a new book nearly every six weeks. You are doing everything that we wanted you to do.

Your life is an advertisement for us and our grace and power. Anyone that reads your books comes to know Jesus and how powerfully he has worked in your life. You are a showpiece and when you get more popular your testimony is going to set many people free.

There are elements of your life that are deficient. You have a messy house, you lack good clothes, and you do not have a good diet. People who get close to you can see these things. As Diana said to you, this is because you have stopped caring about some things. We will bring healing into your life so that those things can be corrected.

But for the people that read your books and read what you post on Facebook, you are a great guy that shines with the light of Jesus. Your life glorifies us.

You worry sometimes about what you are going to write in all the books that we have planned for your life. But when you catch yourself worrying you quickly think that, this need has been addressed by the Holy Spirit and he has not let you down so far.

There are many things where you divert back to the Holy Spirit to carry you through. This is what is really means to walk in the Holy Spirit. You need to let the Holy Spirit empower you and carry you. In this way, you do the impossible and the people watching your life really witness a miracle. We want the people to see the impossible done through you, so that they also would learn to lean on the Holy Spirit for themselves instead of trusting and relying on their flesh.


It is true. I have to rely on the Spirit often. I have some patience but sometimes it gets stretched. I have some love, but when people come against me, it gets stretched. In every area of my life I am being stretched. I have to continually rely on the Holy Spirit. I am so happy that he helps me.

This whole affair with Hailey has taken faith for me. It has caused me to be emotional and caused such an upheaval in my life.


We have a reason for this affair with Hailey. We have good reasons for this. It is stretching you and positioning you for your future. As Lance says, you have to woo her as you will need to woo the church. You will have to treat the church with finesse when we lead you to preach. You can’t come on heavy handed and with what you know about them. You will have to be delicate with the church and take it slow.

The same is true with Hailey. You will have to treat her with patience and like Lisa says you will have to use finesse. Hailey may become important to you in the future but the whole ordeal is also a huge prophetic act and metaphor.


I couldn’t go on without mentioning her. Thank you for your input. She has affected me.


As does my church affect me. I have a passion for my church. Just like you can’t go through a day without thinking of Hailey, neither can I get through a day without looking upon my church and being overcome with love and concern with her.

Just as you would like to marry Hailey, so too I want to embrace the church as my son’s bride. I call to her, I reach out to her, but I am ignored and not listened to. Many of the church have no idea why they were created and are far from bringing me glory. I long for her.

With you, Matthew, I can sit face to face with and speak plainly, but with my church most often she does know my voice, let alone have the time to listen to me. My sadness is overbearing and almost all consuming.

At least with Hailey there is a hope for you of meeting her again. But for most of my church, I cannot sit down face to face with. Most of my church can’t hear me. That is why you book with Craig is so important and Satan is giving you so much grief about it. Satan does not want that book published. He is trying everything that he has to make you give up on it.

Please come to me more often. I need you my friend.

Thanks for obeying the leading of the Holy Spirit and coming tonight to speak with me.


What else could I do? I am directed by you guys. I love you Father.

(Gives God a hug)



Bye, my friend.