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Self-Publishing Your Book

God is calling many people to write and self-publish books today. Many strong authors sadly defeat themselves with poorly edited books and unprofessional cover designs. As of September 2017, I have written and self-published thirty-two books on Amazon, which are also available in print in Barnes and Noble stores across the US.

I have decided to help authors who are called to write simply because I know at least four people right now who want to self-publish. They and others can use the services as listed below to publish their books. Since some of my readers visit this website, I wanted to help them realize their dreams of seeing their first and subsequent books in print.

The Manuscript

Once you actually have a manuscript that is ready to publish, you will need more information about self-publishing. If you are a Christian and want to self-publish a book, you need to first read my book on how to write a book, called Writing and Self-publishing Christian Nonfiction. You can buy it on Amazon for 99 cents here.

Please buy and read my book after you finish writing your book You can then contact me via my website about these services. If you have questions you want answered before you write your book, you can book a $50.00 AUD consultation with me by clicking on the PayPal link below and donating $50.00AUD

The Editing

As of September 2017, I have used Lisa Thompson, a professional editor, for eighteen of my books to be copy edited and proofread. She will provide you with customized quotes and options, depending on your specific editing needs. You can read more about Lisa at www.writebylisa.com and email her at writebylisa@gmail.com for your editing needs. You can also contact Lisa directly, but she will provide you with a preferred rate if you go through me.

The Cover

I have used a man from Germany for about twenty-five of my covers. His name is Akira007 on www.fiverr.com, and he charges $150 US for a cover for your Kindle book and your paperback book. He will offer you this rate if you use my services although you can reach out to him without going through me. Your book must have a very professional cover to make it stand out among all the competition.

I have seen books with amazing content ruined by poor cover designs, spelling mistakes in the title, and dozens of editing mistakes on every page. Don’t let this happen to you. Use the services of trusted professionals for every aspect of your book, including editing and cover designs.

Publishing Your Book

For all my books, I use Bill Vincent of Revival Waves of Glory Books & Publishing. Bill has agreed to do the following for referrals from me for $299 US:
• Produce a Kindle-ready copy of your book
• Produce a paperback book
• Produce a hardcover book and
• Provide an audio book.

In addition, he receives a percentage of your book sales in order to serve you and other Christian authors. He can totally manage your ebooks for you, uploading them onto Amazon, or you can choose to manage your own ebooks.

Bill has other packages with other cover designers and editors, and you can choose to work directly with him at a different rate. For further information, contact him through his company website at www.revivalwavesofgloryministries.com.

Consulting Services

If you need direction and help with this process, I offer consulting and guidance each step of the way. I charge $50.00 AUD per hour and accept payment via PayPal.

For further questions about my services, please write to me at survivors.sanctaury@gmail.com

You can watch me present this information here in this short video