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Conversations with God- My Love

How are you doing today? It has been a while since We have sat down Matthew.

I am doing good God. I was in the mood to talk to You today and hear what You have to say to me, so I got the idea to do another post from You for this book. You know I am always with You and I walk in Your presence most of the time, but it is still good to sit down and have a focused conversation with You.

Do you know that I love you so much? I know all of your future and I knew that today We would be together, but still I am excited because this time has come for Us to be together. I am excited when I get to talk to any of My creation. Sometimes its just a thought I send them, sometimes its just a feeling they have when they see something beautiful, whatever it is I am excited to communicate with them. I am so happy to speak to you today. You are precious to Me. I see you are going well with publishing books. You published one last week and you have another one coming within a month. You keep yourself busy. I see that you have been communicating with the angels We have put in your life. They are guiding you and bringing you comfort and solace.

Yes, Bethany, your angel you have allotted me has been becoming close. We talk quite a lot and she directs me as I go about things. She even directed me the other day to go out because I would have a divine appointment and deliver a prophetic word to someone. It was true, I did go out and a person was powerfully affected by Your love and message to her.

I want to speak to the whole world. I want the people of the world to know that I love them. I was them to know that I understand them and their plight. I would love to speak with every person and be given the opportunity to prove My love for them. The sad thing is that many people cannot hear Me speaking. Even among Christians it is rare for people to hear Me speak. Many people seem to think you need to see a psychiatrist if you can hear Me speaking. I have so much to share with people, I have so many good things to show people to prove My love for them. I get saddened that people can’t hear Me and so don’t know who I am.

I think that is going to be a surprise for many people reading, the fact that You can be sad because people don’t know all about You. I think that many people would be surprised that you could have bad feelings. I guess most people assume that you are happy in Heaven and that You are perfect.

That is why it is so good to have a friend on Earth like you. That is why a book like this is important for people to read. It is important for Me to have people, that are My friends on Earth bring my thoughts and messages for others to hear My thoughts and concerns. That is why it takes so many years for a prophet to be trained and equipped before I can really use them. They have to be matured so that they can faithfully bring My words to Earth without bias and personal prejudices. I need to have vessels that are pure, I have to have people that can faithfully listen and bring my pure message to the people. I need people that are “like Christ” and full of love and compassion to be able to carry My message of love to the world. I need friends that will not only go through the refining fires of affliction to have their character made ready, but I need obedient people that will sit down and record My messages and go through the effort of getting it to the people. These people have to have no fear of man and be prepared to be rejected and maligned by a few so that My message can reach the people that I designed it to reach. This commitment to be refined in the fire and this obedience to follow My directions comes from hearts that have been fashioned by My love.

I have to admit that it was hard to become who I am today. I really went through some fires and I still suffer with my mental illness. But I have to say in all honesty that it is an honor to bring Your words to the people. It is a pleasure to write what You say, it is an honor to have my work edited and then published for people to find on Amazon and read. It is my good pleasure to serve you. My whole life is filled with doing Your will because I know it is only in Your will that I am truly free.

You are really a gift to mankind Matthew. Your name means gift of God and that is what you have become. I am so honored to know you and to use you. Sometimes I wish that the whole world could find your books and learn to obey Me like you do. I wish that the people of God would give Me their lives like you have done. I find it astounding that how you have endured the pain in your life and lived and overcome many obstacles and have become the man that that you have become. I remember the day that you first decided to kill yourself and how your brother convinced you to live for all the people you could reach in the future. That day, you decided that you were not going to kill yourself and end your pain, but you were going to get up, heal and live for others. You died that day and rose to new life, a new life of sacrificial love. You chose to live for others that day and Heaven let out a breath that they had been holding. Life since then has not been so easy for you but you have grown to have the mind of Christ and the heart of Christ. You have grown to become love incarnate.

I am so happy that you bring this up. When I decided to live that first time I faced suicide I really did die to self. I am impressed that You see that as the major turning point that I see it as. I really had decided to kill myself that day and I really needed my brother to turn me around that day and give me a reason to live. I got up and decided to live, not for me, not for my family but all the strangers that one day I could affect. I am reminded of the verse that says, “Greater love has no man then one that lays down his life for a friend.” That is how I have been living my life since that day. You taught me how to give up my life for others and along the way gave me more and more reasons to live.

Love that does not cost anything is a pretty cheap love. True love is expensive. It is this love that allowed Me to send my precious Son to Earth from a Heaven made up of perfection. This perfect man came to Earth, gave up His life to serve all people and then He gave up His Ghost on a brutal cross of torture. This symbol of the cross that Christianity has as its center cost Me and Jesus everything that was precious to Us. People have heard the story so many times that they tend to forget that love cost Me and My only begotten Son. So just like you, Jesus laid down His life for everyone. We have watched you, We have worked with you, and We have fashioned you into a vessel that We can use in a mighty way. We have great things for you to do. We are going to use you to change the lives of scores of people. We are going to use your arms to hug many people. We are going to use your voice to reach thousands and thousands of people. All because you laid down your life for others.

Thank you for speaking such encouraging words over my life. It was great to talk to your today.

Be at peace, Matthew. It was good to talk to you.